Picture Perfect: The Other Photos

We interrupt your semi-regularly scheduled Camera recaps (I know they’re taking forevvvverrrrrr.. Sandlot style, but I’m almost done) to bring you some other fun things that happened! As you might remember, we were fortunate enough to find a Groupon for a photobooth company, Carolina Fun Booth. It ended up being a really fun addition to the wedding! Even though they’re heading out of wedding style currently, a lot of our guests had never been to a wedding or party with a photobooth and really enjoyed it. My only issue was that it was put on the back deck of the house, not out of sight, but out of the way of the general party traffic, so some people didn’t even know it was there! Luckily, word spread, and everyone got a turn in the booth. Here are the highlights. 



My cousin, in the top left photo, is a professional photo-boother. 


ImageCaptain hats and mustaches? You can’t go wrong. You just can’t. 






Remember the Most Interesting Man in the World? Well here’s where he was hanging out all night. My dad had his sights set on a life size cardboard cut out of the Dos Equis spokesman forever, and one day finally got him. He ended up cutting him in half for “easier transport” but he screws him back onto his legs (weirdest sentence ever) at home for special occasions. They dress him up for Christmas, Easter, you name it. Dads are weird. But everyone loved him.







Who needs Ellen’s Oscar selfie when you have the bottom left photo? 

Christian, the Carolina Fun Booth attendant, came and found Cam and I late in the evening, telling us he was getting ready to pack up and head out, and did we want to get some pictures? Of COURSE we did. We had been too busy dancing and mingling that we totally forgot. Luckily, we snapped these. Complete with the almost offensive ring finger shot. 



Did you notice everyone’s drinking glasses in these pictures? Remember when we said part of our wedding favor was going to be personalized mason jars? They were a HUGE hit. I still get texts from people saying “look what I’m drinking out of!”



All the photos above are guest photos from Instagram. And speaking of Instagram.. the hashtag was a semi-success. Some people used it a lot, but a lot of people didn’t use it at all. I guess our friends just aren’t the Insta-types! But we still got some gems:



I’ll never get tired of looking at those sunset photos. 


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