Picture Perfect: Rock Me Mama

All the music that was played at our ceremony and reception was carefully planned by Cam and I. From the beginning, we felt like it was kind of our soundtrack. We spent hours and hours crafting a list of “Must Play” songs, including some with specific times. We wanted “Dixieland Delight” played late in the party so people would drunk dance, we wanted Miley Cyrus played about halfway through so all the girls would still be there to sing it with me, and we wanted our very last song to be something memorable. That one was a no-brainer. 

“Wagon Wheel” by Old Crow Medicine Show. 

Yet another tried and true tradition, we play this song everywhere. I know, I know. So does everyone else. But it still is a pretty great song for our friends, and we could think of no better way to end the reception. 

Similar to Apache, everyone instinctively formed a circle. 



My photogenic-ness never ceases to amaze me. 

As the song began, everyone started taking their turns dancing in the middle of the circle. Well, really, I creepily tried to entice BM Hamster to dance, and it became our show for a few minutes.




Oh and she kissed my forehead in what may be one of my favorite photos of all time. 





Wagon Wheel is kinda mine and BM YW’s jam. We take every opportunity to dance in a circle when it comes on.



But what’s Wagon Wheel without a little newlywed dancing?




… and a dip!

ImageWhat was/will your last song be? 


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