Picture Perfect: Brotherhood and a Bride

Cam was in a fraternity in college. Scratch that – Cam was a founding member of a fraternity, Alpha Sigma Phi, in college. I was in a sorority, but sadly after moving 500 miles away, have lost contact with a lot of my sisters. In fact, none of the 7 that I invited came to our wedding. Understandable as it was 8 states away, I haven’t seen most of them in 3-5 years, and I hold no hard feelings. Luckily, all that greek spirit that was missing from my side was more than made up for by Cam’s fraternity brothers. 

His brothers are his best friends. We see them all the time, and their girlfriends/wives have become my good friends (and bridesmaids). In the last several years, a huge number of his brothers have gotten married. And let me tell you – their weddings are the best. They’re not pretentious fraternity brothers (I know, I know), they’re genuinely passionate about brotherhood and take their pledges very seriously, and it spills into their “wedding ceremony.” 

During the dance party, our DJ (also an Alpha Sig) announced it was time for all Alpha Sigs to report to the middle of the dance floor, where a single folding chair was set up. Cam took my hand and led me to the chair, asking me to sit. For a brief moment I was alone in a chair in the middle of a dance floor with 150 people looking at me. Forget walking down the aisle, that was a nerve wracking moment. Luckily, I’d been to enough weddings to know what was coming next when I was surrounded by a bunch of dudes.



Friend J, seen off to the left, is their chapter’s alumni advisor and runs all of the fraternity meetings at App State, so I guess he was the best man for the job of reading the ceremony. 

Friend J: “Brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi, let us celebrate the joy of the marriage of Brother Cam and Mrs. Camera. The flower of old Alpha Sigma Phi was the cardinal rose, symbolizing the deep and abiding friendships fostered.”


what a ridiculous face I’m making to Friend M

Friend J: “The flower of Alpha Kappa Phi was the yellow tea rose, symbolic of the fragrance and the purity of life that is lived in honor and fair dealing with our fellow man.”


Friend J: “Alpha Kappa Pi and Alpha Sigma Phi joined to become one Fraternity. We bind the cardinal rose and the yellow tea rose together, with the colors of the fraternity – Cardinal & Stone – forming the twin roses of Alpha Sigma Phi. Together the roses are a symbol of endless life and emblematic of the continuing vitality and heritage of our Fraternity.”


Friend J: “As our history has taught us, a good union results in special and lasting beauty. This is the wish of Alpha · Sigma · Phi for the both of you.” 

And as GM Ry finished tying the ribbons, the group started clapping.



They started singing their celebratory song “For he’s an Alpha Sig..”




Followed by my personal favorite, their sweetheart song.. an all male acapella version (with terrible harmony) of The Righteous Brothers – “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling.” Top Gun style.



And you know what? They did get down on their knees for me.



It’s always a crowd pleaser, and my mom laughed so hard she cried.

Once they finished and the applause died down, the DJ headed back to his booth to start up the next song. But there was no question what it was going to be, because it’s always the same. 

Sugarhill Gang – “Apache.” It’s a big deal. Like Fresh Prince big deal.

First, we make a circle.


And as the song plays, you know what comes next. A lot of hip swaying.



“Tonto.. jump on it.. jump on it.. jump on it..”



As an added bonus, you can see me getting attacked by a paper lantern off to the right. 

During the verses, we take turns dancing in the middle of the circle. 

Ladies first, of course.



Work friends E and A got in on the fun.





BM FUN. and I doing the “Cam.” Because for some reason, he really enjoys strutting across a dance floor with high kicks. Image






My uncle wanted to show off his “skills” by attempting to break dance, we think.




Cam gave everyone a taste of his sweet moves.



And the always spectacular grand finale, GM Art did his signature move entitled “Fish out of water.”



It’s just one of those quirky traditions we have, and it’s seriously the best. Everyone looks forward to it and cheers like crazy when they hear Sugarhill Gang come on. 

Did/will you have any fraternity/sorority traditions? Or any exciting things that your group of friends does?

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