After the cake and champagne, it was time for speeches. 

Somewhere during the planning process, Cam decided that instead of having only the best man and matron of honor do speeches, as tradition would dictate, he wanted to let them speak, and then open the floor to the rest of the guests. I was horrified. What if 15 people want to say something? What if NOBODY wants to say anything? What if someone is drunk and wants to ramble on for 20 minutes? 

I hadn’t thought it was a great idea when he told me, and I never really warmed up to it, but when Cam didn’t ask for much, I had to throw in the towel and give this one to him. I was nervous for months about the possibilities, and when the DJ announced it was time for speeches, I felt my nerves creep back up on me, despite having just had a delightful bite of cake. Sadly, I don’t have the transcripts of the speech because we didn’t opt for videography (one of my regrets, I’ll touch on this later), so you’ll have to just use your imagination.

First were the usual suspects – the father of the bride: 
Having already had his emotional speech out of the way when he was introducing our father-daughter dance, he took this opportunity to tell his usual party story. It’s a long, drawn out story that usually gets the room rolling with laughter and I would never do it justice. It ends with him saying “… and I look DAMN good.” Oh and there was some mention of him welcoming Cam to our family and also a little jab at me saying “all sales are final.” Love that man. 


Next up was BM Mich, Cam’s older, and only brother. 

A man of few words, he kept it short and sweet, welcoming me to his family and saying how glad he was that his brother found someone to make him happy.



Third, was MOH JJ, who is quite shy by nature. I actually told her that she didn’t need to make a speech if she didn’t feel comfortable, but she powered through like the champion she was. 

She talked about how different we are, but that we compliment each other well. I’ve known her for 7 years now, but it feels like it’s been my entire life. I miss her, now that we live in different states. 





This was when Cam announced he was opening the floor, and I felt my anxiety rising. 

GM App would have been Cam’s Best Man had he not had a brother, and he had apparently planned a speech all along. His wife told me that he would wake up in the middle of the night, scribble down ideas on a notepad by his bed, and fall back asleep. Like a dream journal. 

Ultimately, it was a pretty fantastic speech. He and Cam have been best friends since freshman year of college, way back in 2000. He recapped their entire friendship with some funny anecdotes, and a man hug. 





Not to be outdone, GM Sailor was right behind with a smirky smile and a quick “I love you man, and you too Mrs. Camera.” 


GM Doc chimed in with a quick congratulations and some sort of fraternity reference I didn’t understand, and quite frankly, probably wasn’t allowed to understand. Quite the secret bunch they are. 




Last but certainly not least, Cam’s mom took the microphone and very simply said “Mrs. Camera, you’re part of our family now, which makes you my daughter. I’m going to give you something I gave to both of my other daughters – a key to our house.” It was such a sweet gesture. 

A quick tidbit – while I was getting dressed in the bridal suite, she came by to say hello and asked if we had any ribbon to wrap a gift. We had just trimmed my sash, which was way too long and draped about 10″ behind me on the floor, and gave her a piece of the cut sash. She used it to wrap the box that the key was in, ha!



All in all, we had 7 speakers. SEVEN. But everyone kept their speeches to a minimum, and ultimately, I did think that it was a nice of Cam to let a few of his other close friends speak their mind at our wedding. 


How many speakers do you plan to have/did you have? Can you beat 7? 

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