Picture Perfect: Chow Time


I promised myself I wouldn’t be that girl that let her recaps get away from her, and here I am. I don’t really have any excuses so I won’t try to fluff it up. I’m lazy. 

Okay enough of that. Here we go. 

So when we last left off, waaaaay, way back, before the site changed, I had just finished dancing with my dad and was busy trying to get red wine out of my white wedding dress with club soda. 

The DJ announced that the food stations were open, and the reception officially began. If you recall, we ultimately decided on a “partial seating” option, because I was told that’s what you do for southern weddings. I had hesitations right up until the morning of the wedding on how it was going to be received by the guests, and I’m pleased to report that it went off without a hitch. As predicted by our caterer/decor coordinator, the younger folks headed straight for the bar to get good and boozed up before dancing, and the older guests got their food and sat down at the tables. People were mixing and mingling at the combination of traditional sit down tables and tall cocktail tables. 

Let’s check out the food, shall we?

Full disclosure: We don’t have a ton of photos of the food or people eating, because Robert was taking photos of Cam and I while everyone else ate. He managed to grab a couple, though, so you’ll have to use your imagination for the rest.

First up, my personal favorite, the Southern Picnic Station

All images via Ross Photography unless otherwise noted

Clockwise from top left: jalapeño cornbread from the assorted breads basket (not pictured sweet potato and buttermilk biscuits), macaroni and cheese (not pictured are the toppings that included bacon, green onions, lobster, and tomatoes), pulled pork with traditional, mustard base and fiery vinegar sauces, and my favorite thing in the entire world: fried green tomato stacks with pimento cheese. Seriously. To die for. People still ask about “those tomato things”, six months later. 

Next was the Carving Station
Sadly, the only photo I have of this station was of one of the sides, but truth be told, it was my second favorite thing at the wedding. 

The main dish was lime marinated flank steak with a chipotle honey sauce. It was so flavorful and cooked to perfection that almost everyone had seconds. The sides were green beans with caramelized onions and bacon, assorted bread rolls, and these delightful creatures: hollowed new potatoes with gruyere sour cream, chives and bacon. Yes. Take it all in. 



Nom. My mouth is watering.

Third was the Culinary Station

On the left are individual toast cups with caesar salad. People flipped for these little bite size guys. On the right is the main dish, Chicken Saltimbo. I’m sad to say that this was the only food item I didn’t get to try. It sounds delicious, though, so maybe I’ll try and recreate the recipe someday. If you’re not familiar (and I wasn’t), it’s chicken stuffed with proscuitto, spinach and asiago with a white wine dijonnaise sauce. Not pictured is the parmesan risotto, which was creamy and amazing, and the bread basket. Because my wedding could not have had more bread if I had tried. 

Finally, for good measure, we had a Build Your Own Bruschetta station. Talk about a hit. Image

I found one picture of what the stations actually looked like, get excited! Guests had their choice of pita crisps or french bread croustades and could top them with olive tapenade, balsamic marinated tomatoes, sun-dried tomato relish, fresh artichokes with artichoke relish, avocado serrano pepper spread, roma tomatoes, fresh parmesan, herbed goat cheese and fresh mozzarella with sweet basil dressing and herbed olive oils.  

While guests were eating and drinking and mixing and mingling, Cam and I were out taking photos, trying to soak up the last bit of daylight. I’ll share those with you next, but when we finally gave in to the dusk, we went back to the tent, where we had plates of food waiting for us. Yes, you read that correctly: I ATE ON MY WEDDING DAY! It wasn’t much, because I was too jittery and excited to eat, but I ingested food, which is more than a lot of brides can say. 



I still love those Mr. and Mrs. signs. 

Next up, lots of couple photos. Don’t vom, they’re not too sticky sweet, I promise!

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