Picture Perfect: The Longest Yard

The wedding party was in place. The music stopped. Everyone was standing. I was about to take my first steps towards my new husband and new life. 

I heard the song I had so lovingly chosen begin to play, and I stepped out of the doorway. 

I chose Vitamin String Quartet’s tribute to Elvis’ classic “Can’t Help Falling in Love.” I just think it lends itself to a bridal processional so beautifully – don’t you agree? 

*All photos via Robert Ross Photography, unless otherwise noted


I call this the “please God, don’t let me fall down these stairs” look

As I previously mentioned, I chose to walk down 2 flights of stairs. It was kind of a large, off to the side porch kind of situation. I can’t find a photo of the stairs themselves, and I guess Robert opted not to take to many of me holding on for dear life, but this photo was taken when we first visited the venue and gives you an idea of what my view was. I mean had I looked up from staring at my feet to make sure I didn’t trip. 


personal photo

Papa Camera met me at the bottom of the steps, and the first thing he said was “Good thing you didn’t fall.” YEAH, DAD. GOOD THING.


And off we went! It was a long walk, through the sprawling backyard, and I couldn’t even see Cam for most of it. So I tried my best to remember to smile, while my dad kept a straight face and told me inappropriate jokes, in true Papa Camera fashion.


I tried to remember to look at the guests, but I was so excited to see Cam that I just kept looking straight ahead. Finally, he was in my sights.


He didn’t cry. I spent a lot of time during our engagement asking him if he thought he would cry, and he said he wouldn’t. I told him I’d be mad if he didn’t. Turns out, I wasn’t mad, just so happy to be getting married finally.


I don’t have any close ups of Seth’s face once I got closer, which is sad, but he was smiling, I promise! Papa Camera gave him my hand, and we were about to be married.


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