Picture Perfect: Camera Family Values and What Cam Does When I’m Not Looking

I know, I know. Family photos, ugh. So I just wanted to show you a quick post because some of these are super sweet photos. But before I do that, take a look at what Cam was up to downstairs while I was putting final touches on my bridal look:



He wanted to show off his socks and shoes, both of which he picked out on his own accord. He bought those socks last January, on what he thought was a “one-day sale at Express,” when really it’s one of those year-round bargains where you buy 4 pairs of socks for $25. Don’t tell Cam.

Meanwhile, upstairs, I was having a moment with my mom. As you will recall, Mama Camera had a rough summer. She spent most of her post-surgical time helping me plan/craft/worry about the wedding, and when it finally came to fruition, she was just as happy as I was. I’m so glad Robert caught these photos, they really capture the emotion about that day.


I remember telling her how proud of her I was for making it through all the crappy stuff that has happened to her this year, and she told me how proud she was of me always. Sweet, stuff, ya’ll.

Papa Camera and Brother Camera came in to say hello and I didn’t plan for “dad reaction shots,” but I’m glad we kind of sort of got them:

ImagePapa Camera is a kind of rough and tumble guy, who often gets mistaken for a cop, so it brings me so much happiness to see this look of pure joy on his face. My brother was right behind, and we took some family photos for posterity’s sake.


Oh, Papa Camera. Look at the camera, wouldja!?

Another fun tidbit – the top of my dress was too big. I didn’t realize it until the day of, I guess, but it was too big. Most of the photos are hard to tell, but it’s pretty obvious in the one above. Thank goodness I didn’t flash anyone.. at least that I know of.

And that was that! Everyone headed out to their specified areas to await the walk down the aisle – the ceremony was about to start!

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