Picture Perfect: First Un-Look?

It’s the age old question: to first look or not to first look? I was pro, Cam was anti. There was no compromise.. or so I thought?

Somewhere along the way of wedding planning, I started seeing photos of couples taking pre-ceremony portraits together, but not actually seeing each other. We’ve all seen them – hand holding around a door, smiling bride and groom on either side of a corner, or one on a balcony, another on the ground floor. I didn’t think it had a name, but our day-of coordinator called it a “First Touch.” I literally laughed out loud when she called it that to my face.

While you don’t get the benefit of having extra time allotted for portraits, you do get a pretty cute photo-op. Cam is super old school sometimes, and this was one of those – he absolutely, positively did not want to see me before the ceremony. Which is both frustrating and romantic at the same time. Luckily, these photos ended up pretty nice, and I got to hold his hand for a minute.



The conversation we had was hilarious:
Cam: “Hi, how are you?”
Me: “I’m pretty good, how are you?”
Cam: “Good. Hey! Ryan surprised us with a keg of Oberon for the bus!”
Me: “Shut up and smile, Robert is taking pictures”


While Cam kept looking at the camera, I snuck behind him and back into the house. Halfway up the stairs I realized I forgot Cam’s card, and I was devastated. Little did I know that Cam forgot my entire gift, and had to call a guest to drive over early and bring it to him. We’re so organized.

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