Picture Perfect: Man Schtuff

*Hive, I am so, so sorry that I haven’t been posting regularly. I’ve had a lot of home/work/family things going on simultaneously and unfortunately, and unforgivably, recapping my wedding fell through the cracks. I’ll try to be better, I swear. 

So, where were we? When we last left off, I had just gotten dressed and took a bunch of photos with my favorite women in the world. While all of that was going on, Cam was busy getting dressed with his bros. Apparently he had a morning filled with pool football, pizza, and beer. I’m still super jealous of that.

Anyway, since I wasn’t present, I obviously don’t know what he was thinking or feeling, so we’ll let the pictures do the talking:




Hey, everyone needs a little help with a tie every once and a while.

Once they guys were all fancified, they headed outside to take some manly shots:


For some reason we have no photo of Cam and GM App. I promise you he was there.

After that, he went back inside to (presumably) drink more beer and freak out because.. he forgot my gift! We’ll get to that later. Up next we have a first look.. or not?

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