Picture Perfect: The Most Important Dress I’ll Ever Wear

If you recall, way back when, I decided not to share my dress choice with you, but the time has come! I knew all along what it would be, but entertained just about every dress style there is when it came time to actually try them on. Ultimately, I ended up with the second dress I tried on –


Meet my Justin Alexander beauty. She has a model number, not a fancy name, and for the life of me, I cannot find it. In any case, I think it’s discontinued. It came with a plain white sash, but the sales associate at NY Bride & Groom in Charlotte “jacked me up” with this blingy belt, and I was sold:


It fit the “southern” feeling of our wedding perfectly:



It didn’t have an elaborate corset back or buttons, but the sash did need to be tied into a bow, and Mama Camera did the honors:


The photo below was taken right after I looked at myself for the first time – I’ll never forget that feeling of happiness:


After we were assured Cam and the boys had arrived and were safely downstairs and out of sight, we headed outside to take some pre-ceremony bridesmaid portraits!

Picture Perfect: A Veil Made with Love :  wedding charleston pictures recap veil Pictureperfect4 pictureperfect4

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