Picture Perfect: Something Old & Blue

After my hair and makeup was finished, and my veil was carefully fastened to my head, we jumped in the limo bus that had arrived for us and headed off to the venue!

(personal photo)

It was a little overwhelming when we pulled into the parking lot. Our day of coordinator, Lynn, was directing people around and showing the rental companies where to set things up, and my vision was coming together. I did a stand up job of straight up creeping from the bridal suite:


.. And checking myself out in the mirror:


.. And just lounging around:


All the while, Mama Camera was working on yet another something special:



I saw something cute once, probably on Pinterest, where a bride cut a heart shape out of one of her dad’s old blue work shirts and sewed it into her dress. Mama Camera took that one step further and cut out a heart of her wedding dress as well, and sewed them both into the corset of my dress. My something old and something blue were both symbols of my parents – love. My something new was my dress, and my something borrowed was a pearl bracelet from BM Mom. 

After I teared up for a few minutes and did the awkward fan the face to try and salvage my makeup, Mama Camera and I took a quick photo together:

ImageAnd before I knew it, it was time to put on my dress!

Picture Perfect: A Veil Made with Love :  wedding charleston pictures recap veil Pictureperfect4 pictureperfect4

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