Picture Perfect: A Veil Made With Love

Okay. This one was a doozy to write, so bear with me. 

So my veil. Originally, I was 100% in the anti-veil camp. I felt that they looked too formal for the feel of our wedding, and I wanted a fun headband or hair clip instead. Now you’re up to speed.

Enter: Friday before Mother’s Day 2013. I was on my regular Skype date with my mom (to remind you, I live in North Carolina and my parents live in Pennsylvania) and after a brief chit chat about what was going on with the wedding plans, she said something to me I’ll never forget, and I had to watch her face while she said it:

“I have breast cancer.”

I cried, she cried, my dad in the other room probably cried but didn’t show it.

My mom is amazingly awesome and tackles obstacles head on. This was no exception – a month later, she was undergoing a double mastectomy, which she and my dad opted for to minimize the chances of recurrence. Unfortunately, when they dissected her armpit lymph nodes, she tested positive, so they had to remove all of them – putting her at risk to develop lymphedema. Obstacle number 2.

Obstacle number 3 came when they said their initial biopsy reports were wrong and these were much more aggressive tumors than they originally thought, and she would need chemotherapy for 6 months. Her only concern was if it could wait until after the wedding so she could have hair in photographs.

Right after her initial diagnosis, she mentioned to me that she needed a project to keep her busy, and did I want her to make my veil? How do you say no to that, hive? The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of the veil for two big reasons: a) when else in your life do you get to wear a veil? and b) if it kept my mom busy AND provided me with a memorable keepsake I was all for it.

During the 4 months these events took place, my mom was painstakingly hand sewing lace to the edges of a piece of tulle. Luckily, I was able to be measured one weekend when I was visiting for BM Hamster’s wedding.



Fast forward to wedding day – when it came time to put the veil on, it was definitely more emotional than I had bargained for.



I only wore this for the ceremony and photos, but I loved it. I know it meant a lot to my mom, and it sure meant a lot to me. I’m going to keep it safe and hopefully it will keep well so my (way in the future) daughter may have a chance at wearing it at her wedding.

Did you have any special projects like this?


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