Picture Perfect: Beautiful Bridesmaids

While I was getting my makeup done, the girls were getting dressed and I made them come into the bathroom to give me a fashion show. I was so happy with how their ensembles turned out!


.. but not before our photographer took some artsy fartsy photos of their dresses:


I loved that they looked classy but comfortable; here’s BM Yer Welcome to show off the look:


I got a little teary-eyed seeing them all in their outfits that I had so meticulously planned. It was definitely another moment I made a conscious effort to remember:


We all gathered in the suite for a quick photo before heading to the party bus that had just pulled up!


(personal photo) BM Cupcake, BM Hamster, BM Mom, MOH JJ, Me, BM Boys, BM FUN., BM Yer Welcome and BM Twerk

Like my wedding dress? Just kidding! I got dressed at the venue because I wanted some photos of the dress there and didn’t want to wrinkle it en route.

Did you get emotional looking at your bridesmaids’ outfits for the first time?



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