Picture Perfect: Perfectly Coiffed

Coffee in hand, we arrived back at the hotel to find the rest of the bridesmaids and Mama Camera in the suite, setting out a lovely breakfast display to include assorted bagels and a fruit and cheese tray, with the quintessential bridal breakfast staples: Bloody Mary’s (Maries? Marys?) and Mimosas.

BM Mom took it upon herself to go above and beyond, and got heart shaped chalkboard decals for the bloody cups, and made little wire letter charms for the Mimosa glasses:


Adorbs. She’s the best.

As mentioned many times before, my friend/hairdresser Caroline did my hair and makeup, but she’s only one person and couldn’t be responsible for 8 bridesmaids. Enter: Paper Dolls. I searched high and low to find a salon that was either a) open on Sundays or b) would travel to us on a Sunday without an exorbitant fee. Paper Dolls was just the ticket – check them out, Charleston brides. Two stylists arrived at 10:30am, and had all 6 (SILs/BMs Boys and Cupcake did their own) bridesmaids’ hair done by 12:30pm. Impressive.

This was all happening in the main room of the suite, so I don’t know what was going on out there, but it sounded fun. I was parked in that ginormous bathroom, in front of the vanity, and Caroline got to work. (All photos from Ross Photography unless otherwise noted)





Caroline forgot her handheld mirror, so we improvised. Thanks, Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!

Guys, I have been a bridesmaid nine times. I have had my hair professionally done for weddings nine times. I have loved my hair zero times. Until this day – I loved what Caroline did with it, and it looked so much better than my trial.

After hair was done, I had to get out of that bathroom for a few minutes, so I rejoined the group for another drink, and to see what was going on outside our window!


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