Picture Perfect:

Here I was, terrified of not being able to sleep the night before my wedding. I came prepared – 2 weeks before we left for Charleston, I packed an emergency “sleep kit” containing bubble bath, sleepy time tea, melatonin and some Benadryl in the event all else failed. 

Turns out all I needed was a ton of wine and a bath with friends. And it helped that I hadn’t slept well all week. I don’t remember ever having such a solid night’s sleep… for all of 4 hours. 

I woke up at 8am to a knock at the door – it was Mama Camera. She laughed hysterically when I opened the door – my hair was all over the place and was still damp from ‘swimming’ the night before. I was looking at her through off-kilter glasses and told her I was going to need a few minutes. 

I collected my thoughts, cleaned up as many pink cups from the bathroom as I could, and opened the blinds to see a sunny (read: NOT RAINY!) southern day



I gazed to the right and saw BM Hamster’s and MOH JJ’s husbands having a romantic poolside breakfast for two:

ImageDunkin Donuts and adorable bromances, y’all. 

I quickly washed my hair after taking a quick photo to brag about the best shower of my life. Don’t worry, Caroline said it was okay because my hair is naturally kind of oily every morning. But back to the shower – seriously, this photo does not even do it justice. There was a rain shower head on the ceiling, two shower heads on either side of the shower and 2 more jets that I think were supposed to hit in the legs, but ended up giving me a lovely little low back massage at my 5’3″ frame. 



With wet hair, I threw on my white ‘bride’ tank top from the Target Gilligan O’Malley collection (so much cheaper than the Victoria’s Secret option!), and headed to Starbucks down the street with MOH JJ, BM Hamster and BM Twerk to get the coveted ‘free coffee on your wedding day.’ 

We rolled in, complete with a few stares, and I proudly marched up to the counter and ordered a Venti Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte. When asked what my name was, I said “you can just write ‘Bride’ on the cup.” The barista, who was what appeared to be an 18 year old boy, said “Bree?” “No, Bride,” I responded. “Brian?” “NO. BRIDE. As in, I’m getting married today.” “Oh…. okay then?” 

I was so excited. I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of my cup that said bride all cutesy like you see in the Pinterest photos:

Adorbs, right? I was so pumped. I already had my Instagram app up and running, reading to tag it. What did that 18 year old boy end up writing?



Haha! Kind of lame, but kind of cute. And it wasn’t free – it was the normal $5 latte that I get almost every time I work a morning shift. And with that, we headed back to the hotel where my mom, Caroline and the rest of my bridesmaids were waiting to get started!

Did you go to Starbucks the morning of your wedding? 

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