Picture Perfect: Twerking in Bathtubs?

When last we left off, everyone was headed their separate ways after our delicious rehearsal dinner ended. Remember when I booked my hotel room and made a big deal about how excited I was to take a bath and relax the night before my wedding? Me too. I’d been looking forward to it for months.

But first, I had to spend some QT with my gal pals!

All of my bridesmaids (except for SILs/BMs Boys and Cupcake who were staying far away) came to my giant suite, and we just hung out, old school sleepover style. BM Yer Welcome had made a pit stop to the grocery store on the way home and purchased what I fondly call the “family size” bottle of wine, so we cracked it open and made a few toasts to love, life and laughter. 

I had packed along a DVD player because I knew I wanted to watch wedding themed Rom-Coms, but unbeknownst to me, our suite included a DVD player with the ginormous television. It took about 45 minutes to figure the thing out, but once we did, we all chatted while watching reciting all the words to Bridesmaids, 27 Dresses and Bride Wars. At about midnight, BM Hamster, Twerk and MOH JJ retired to their rooms, leaving BM FUN., BM Yer Welcome and BM Mom behind to keep the party going. 

By this point, I had had about 718 glasses of wine throughout the day, and I was feeling a bit.. tipsy. Obviously, this meant it was time to take my much anticipated bath. And then something funny happened. My bath reality was very, very different from my bath inspiration. 

Bath Inspiration:


Image via DreamsTimes

Bath Reality:



That would be BM Yer Welcome, myself and BM FUN. in the bathtub. With the jets on. Not pictured is BM Mom who is taking the photo while shaking her groove thang to old school Britney Spears. 

Here I was lecturing Cam all month about how he couldn’t get that drunk the night before and he had to be asleep at a reasonable time and he could not be hungover on our wedding day. You know what he did all night? He worked on his vows and ‘reflected’ on our upcoming marriage.

I twerked in a bathtub with my best friends while drinking out of pink solo cups and singing Miley Cyrus songs.Not. Quite. The. Same. It was so awesome though, y’all. I will never forget this as long as I live. 


Somewhere around 3:30am, I made it to bed, complete with wet hair. Perfect combo for an early wakeup, huh?

You know what they say about the best laid plans!

How did you spend the night before your wedding? 

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