Picture Perfect: Buffalo Wings & Cake

After the rehearsal was finished, and I stopped crying about the arbor Cam sneakily had built for me, we headed off to the dinner that MIL and FIL Camera were hosting. After much research and heartache, they settled on the Liberty Taproom in Mt. Pleasant, SC – across the bridge from Charleston. If you’ve ever crossed the Arthur Ravenahl bridge (aka Cooper River bridge), you probably have a photo similar to this:


I have searched high and low to find photos from the rehearsal dinner, because I know they were taken, but I can’t find them anywhere. So bear with me.

When searching for a restaurant to hold our rehearsal dinner, Cam’s parents had some trouble with the swankier, downtown Charleston restaurants – they were pricey, but more importantly they couldn’t hold our large group. In total, there were 73 people at our rehearsal dinner! It was definitely a pre-wedding party!

The Liberty was great, and very accommodating. We had a cocktail party/welcome downstairs in the bar, where we watched the end of the Penn State vs. Syracuse game (WE ARE). We got to catch up with our extended families that we hadn’t seen in years, mine from Florida, Cam’s from California. I got to meet more of Cam’s family, and vice versa. It was all around a wonderful time.

Cam’s dad said a quick greeting, and invited us up the stairs to where dinner would be held, in a loft overlooking the rest of the restaurant.

If I had any small disappointments from not having our dinner in one of the downtown, “foodie” restaurants, they were quickly dashed when I got a look at the buffet spread. We had caesar salad, mashed potatoes and gravy, fried chicken, corn, and my personal favorite – buffalo wings. Oh and rolls. Don’t forget the rolls upon rolls. I mean, what’s not to love!?

Cam stood up and thanked everyone for being there, and once again I had an overwhelming feeling of happiness and gratitude towards all these people – all of our loved ones in one place from all over the country. I couldn’t bring myself to say much more than “thank you, we love you, we can’t wait for tomorrow,” so I just continued to drink wine, like ya do. I did manage to snap a photo with my bridesmaids:


And one with my adorable flower girl/niece:


After everyone had finished chowing down, we handed out our bridal party gifts and then I told Cam I had a surprise for him – a groom’s cake! The staff carried this ginormous platter up the stairs (very carefully, I might add) and placed it down in front of Cam. Our baker created this delicious red velvet confection in the trademark App State Block A design, with Cam’s fraternity crest in the middle. He loved it.


We handed out slices of cake, and people started filtering out of the restaurant to various locations – a few people headed downtown for a Charleston ghost tour, others went out for coffee, but the vast majority of our friends headed to a bar downtown to watch the Appalachian State vs. Montana game. I opted for a more low-key evening back at the hotel – or so I thought.

Did you surprise your groom with a cake? What did you eat at your rehearsal dinner?




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