Picture Perfect: Big Primpin’

Saturday morning I woke up for the last time next to Cam as a single woman. That was a surreal moment.

We didn’t have long to dwell on that fact, because we had a 10am appointment at the nail salon. After an arduous process trying to find parking, Mama Camera, BM Fun., BM Mom, BM Yer Welcome, BM/SIL Boys and myself found ourselves in the middle of a Saturday morning rush at Tips-2-Toes in Charleston. Luckily, Mama Camera, being the good mom she is, had made appointments for us. We were escorted up a second flight of stairs to a private room with pedicure chairs and a manicure bar.

Continuing with the weekend’s tradition, I happily obliged when offered a glass of wine.


Don’t worry – that hot pink nail polish was pre-salon.

I agonized over how to do my nails for months. I have a nasty habit of biting my nails and consciously made an effort not to in the months leading up to the wedding. However, it led to a conundrum because I could not decide what to do to them. I knew I didn’t want acrylic nails, which is why I spent so much time growing my nails out. Finally, I decided on a plain, pale pink that was bridal but not overly so.


We all gathered around to take a group photo:


And we grabbed some lunch at Pita Pit. If you’re not familiar with Pita Pit, go to a town (probably a college town) and find one. You’re welcome in advance.

When we got back to the hotel, Cam had already checked into our suite that I would be staying in that night alone. In fact, surprise: they upgraded us to the biggest suite in the hotel for free. He and about 20 others were in there watching football and eating fried chicken.

That room smelled like Bud Light and fried chicken for the next 2 days, I swear. Here’s what I walked into:


Not pictured are the other 15 people who ran out the door when they saw me coming.

This room was huge. When we originally toured the hotel we really liked this suite, but it was too expensive and we couldn’t justify the cost. But a free upgrade? YES. PLEASE.

I never did take photos of the room itself, but a quick google led me to this YouTube video:

Favorite part of that video – “His and her toilets, haha just kidding.. I don’t know what that water thing is.”

That, sir, is a bidet.

ImageOnce word of this bad boy spread, we had visitors every 5 minutes. I passed the time by laying in the bath tub.


Remember when I told you about my grand plans for the original bathtub? They increased 10-fold after seeing this thing. I was super excited to go to the rehearsal dinner and come home to relax in this.

Or so I thought.

Did your fiance make your hotel room smell like chicken and beer? Just me?


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