Picture Perfect:

On the last Friday of August, we woke up bright and early. Which was 5am for me, and 8:30am for Cam. I know it’s common to wake up super early the day of your wedding, but for me it was 2 days before the wedding that the insomnia was at its peak. I actually didn’t mind it – it was peaceful, warm, and calm. It gave me some time to put together my ‘getting ready’ playlist for the bridesmaids, and to work on my vows. 

Eventually, everyone else woke up – my parents had come down from Pittsburgh the night before. Mama Camera and I made a quick breakfast while Cam and Papa Camera packed both our cars to the absolute brims. Our guestbook, which we’ll talk about more in another post, almost didn’t fit. Why would a guestbook not fit, you ask? Well, it was a 6 foot long wooden oar. 

Remember that post I wrote about that DIY heart guestbook? I just couldn’t get on board with that thing, and ended up trashing it. Cam was the one who thought of the oar – given the opportunity to do the wedding over again, it would be super nautical and beachy, like Mrs. Rucksack’s, but we did incorporate a few coastal elements, and the oar is one. Plus it’s going to look super cute in our beachy guest room. But alas, it was 6 feet wide, and Cam had to drive 3 1/2 hours with the handle next to his left ear. 

Once the cars were packed, and Charlie was sent off to her temporary home, we took one last photo before hitting the road:



Just prior to this picture, I ran inside to put out our new ‘S’ initial doormat we received as a bridal shower gift from my cousin, so it would be waiting for us when we got home.

I really enjoyed the drive from Charlotte to Charleston, which is ironic because I normally hate long car rides. I’m too impatient and usually spend the entire time sleeping. But this time was different – It was 3 1/2 hours of just me and Cam time. We were both nervous, excited and couldn’t shut up about what was about to happen to us. I finished my vows, and Cam laughed at me because I was crying while I read them to myself. 

We hit a maaaay-jah traffic jam situation halfway to our destination, which elongated the normally 3 1/2 hour trip to just over 4, but we were too excited to care, but finally, we had arrived! We checked into the Town and Country Inn & Suites, into our plain old regular awesome, King room that we were sharing that night. Don’t worry – we split up the next night!

Some of our friends were already in town and were enjoying the city, the beach, and/or the pool, so we made our rounds saying hello to everyone that had made it. I was starting to feel the nerves creep up, so Cam and I headed to the Piggly Wiggly and picked out a fine assortment of Rieslings and Moscatos to get me through the weekend. Highly recommended. 

That wine-induced relaxation didn’t last long, because soon it was time to head out to dinner with my parents, and then meet our friends on a roof to have one last party (or we thought it would be our last party.. we had no idea what was coming the next night!)

Destination wedding brides: how did you deal with the day you left? Or, non-destination brides: did you have strange feelings 2 days before your wedding, or were they all reserved for the day-of?




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