Camera-mooning: we wake up in a fancy hotel and spend 3 hours on the side of the road

Buenos dias, hive!

Mrs. Camera here, back from a glorious 9 day retreat in the Dominican Republic, ready to tell you all about it! Our wedding recaps will be starting soon, but we shall start with what happened the day after our wedding:

On Monday morning, we awoke in our ginormous hotel suite, filled to the brim with leftover wedding cupcakes, food, empty solo cups, and various discarded shoes and clothing items that belonged to our wedding party and guests. All the result of the impromptu after-party that occurred the night before, at least until 3am when the hotel staff claimed we were apparently “bothering other guests.” Imagine that, on a Sunday night. “Sorry we party” was the theme of the evening. Hmph. 

We headed down to the hotel restaurant and ate a delicious carb-heavy breakfast of pancakes and homefries and bacon, oh my!, with a couple of wedding party members and my parents, trying to prolong the inevitable by telling stories of the night before. Inevitably, the inevitable happened, and we headed back to our room to pack up the car and make our rounds saying goodbye to the guests that had not yet left. 

Once the car was packed up we headed down the road at about noon, leaving Charleston in the rear view mirror. Before I even had time to process everything that was happening, we passed a stranded vehicle on the side of the road and Cam shouted “Oh $#!&, that was Friend B and Friend K!” Apparently, their car had broken down a mere 15 miles into their 3 hour trip home. Apparently they were planning to purchase a new car THE NEXT DAY because their current vehicle was circling the drain (that’s medical slang for ‘dying’). Not one to leave a friend behind, we circled back on the highway and spent the next 3 hours helping them call a tow truck, tow their car to a Ford dealership nearby, and then purchasing a new car. 


Uh, it’s gonna be hard to tow a truck from the other side of the divider.

Soon enough, we were back on the road and headed home to Charlotte. I spent the next 3 hours trying to understand that the wedding was over, opening cards, marking down which guest gave what gift for thank you notes, and eating french fries from Wendy’s. Finally arriving at 7pm, we pulled into our neighborhood and saw a nice little surprise:

ImageBM Yer Welcome and GM Teach had beat us home by a few hours and planted this little flag in our teeny tiny yard, announcing our newlywed status to the neighborhood! Apparently, someone had put it in their yard when they got married back in June, and it’s going to be a new tradition. In 2 weeks, we will have to figure out a way to sneak into BM FUN. and GM Sailor’s condo and leave it outside their door after their wedding.

During the drive home, we decided to use some of the wedding money and Visa gift cards to purchase a new, quality camera to take with us to the Dominican Republic as the old digital camera we had was kind of crummy and a little iffy on the photos it took, so we dropped off our belongings and headed to Best Buy where we purchased this bad boy:


Nikon Coolpix L820 / Image via

 Well worth our money, and we will (hopefully) be able to use it for years and years to come!

We scarfed down a quick dinner and then realized it was 11pm and we needed to do laundry, pack our bags and be up and at ’em at 6am to head to the airport. Word to the wise: If you can, pack for your honeymoon BEFORE the wedding. Ugh. 

Excitement on our side, we woke up bright and early before our alarms went off, tossed the suitcases into the car and drove to the airport 3 hours before our international flight, as recommended. Usually, the security line at Charlotte-Douglas Airport is crazy long first thing in the morning due to all the bankers and businesspeople flying all over the country for meetings, but we lucked out and got through it in 10 minutes, leaving us plenty of time to eat breakfast. 


Bloody Mary for breakfast – don’t mind if I do!


Heading to the Caribbean? Only fitting to eat breakfast at the Bacardi Rum Bar


Mango and papaya pancakes. Carbs are officially back on.

We finally boarded the flight, where I promptly pretended I was in the movie Bridesmaids:


No, it’s not me, I’m Mrs. Iglesias

Wheels up, in-flight internet purchased, and we were off!


Next up, we land in Punta Cana and are greeted with salt air and a warm breeze.

How did the day after your wedding go?


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