The One With the Last Minute DIY

… AKA What the $%&* Was I Thinking!?

In typical Miss Camera fashion, while I had the best intentions of being ahead of the game and finishing everything weeks or months before the big day, I still found myself sitting on the living room floor at 4:30am Wednesday night (Thursday morning?) cutting out little strips of paper. 

1. Water Bottle Labels:

  • You will need:
  • Enough water for your guests
  • Cardstock 
  • 2″ wide Packing Tape
  • Scissors or paper slicer

Besides finishing all the S’mores favor bags I wrote about last time, I also decided (last minute) to get water for guests to drink during the ceremony in case it was 4000 degrees outside. I headed to Target and got 6 cases of water for $3.19 each (plus and extra 5% off thanks to my Target Red Debit Card!). That wasn’t enough, of course, so I decided to rip off all the labels and make my own. 


I found a quick tutorial here, and went to work. Confession: it was 3am and I forgot to take pictures, but you can look at the tutorial to see what I’m describing. First, I designed the labels in word by inserting a rectangle from aut-oshapes. Then I put a text box on top of this and typed out what I wanted the label to say. I left the background blank, but you could absolutely put a design back there. 

I printed out what felt like 2000 pages of these, used my nifty paper cutter and sliced all the rectangles out. Then, I laid the labels out, and used 2 strips of packing tape overlapping so that the tape extended about a half inch above and below the label, to try and ensure it would hold up in melting ice. I slapped on the label and moved on to the next one. It’s hard to show you the whole label as it wraps around, but here’s what I can show you. The pixelated areas are our names.


2. Drink Straw Flags: Another absolute last minute project. I initially made little ribbon flags, but last night at about 1am I decided they weren’t good enough. 


original straws

Instead, I found this tutorial and used the template included to change it to say Cam heart Miss Camera on one side, and yay! on the other:

ImageThese were so super easy to make, and were probably a complete waste of time, but I think they are adorable. Once again, I got out my trusty paper cutter and sliced those strips out in now time. Using a piece of double sided tape, I gently folded the strips around the straw and pressed down hard to make them stick, rolling the straw a bit to get as close as possible. Finally, I cut the ‘V’ that makes it look like a flag. The end! 

Two completely and totally unnecessary projects that were very time consuming, but I’m hoping my guests appreciate the effort, and hopefully get some good pictures with these babies!

Today – we’re off to Charleston! A ton of our friends and family are coming in today so we’re going to spend the day hanging out, visiting, catching up and most importantly, celebrating the most important weekend of my life. 

Did you do any last minute projects? 



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