The One With All the Chalkboards

I’ll admit it. I’ve jumped on the chalkboard wedding craze. I can’t help myself, it fits our wedding so perfectly! I even made my invitations look like chalkboards (sort of). 

A few weeks ago I showed you my Mr. and Mrs. chair signs, and I promised you I’d show you the rest of them soon. 

The time is now. [Insert dramatic music here]

These are all to advertise our menu, including the bar and cupcakes, so I’ll make this a quick post and let them do the talking for me!

All photos personal.








And there you have it! I spent hours on these, and they’re not perfect by any means, but they’re definitely one six-of-a-kind!

If you’re curious how I made these, it was simple – I took the glass out of 6 Ikea frames ($4.99/each), painted it with 2 coats of chalkboard paint ($7 at Michael’s craft stores), and used chalk pens to write the fonts. 

Do you love the chalkboard craze too? 


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