The One With the Bachelorette Party

Before I start, I should warn you – a lot of fun was had. 

I have a lot of, shall we say, less than flattering photos, so I’ll just keep it to a few choice picks. 

After my bridal shower, we gathered everyone who would be hanging out for the night (which ended up being 13 people!) and headed back to the Omni in uptown Charlotte, where we hung out at the pool for a few hours before heading to dinner at my favorite restaurant Dandelion Market. If you live in Charlotte and have never been to Dandelion Market, do yourself a favor and go. Tomorrow. It’s so yummy. 

I failed miserably at taking photos because I was too excited, but I managed to steal a few from other girls in attendance:

(all photos personal)


Enjoying my sash, veil and beads!


Friend A, Friend L, me and Friend E – all work pals!

We ate, drank and socialized, before heading out on a mini-bar tour! 

Of note: Bridesmaid Mom had tank tops made – all the girls’ shirts said “I’m With the Bride” and mine said “I’m the Bride.” Your’s truly came up with that. So clever huh?

ImageThis was pretty much the scene everywhere we went – 13 shots/drinks/hugs ready and waiting for the bachelorette party in the shirts making all the noise! These were called “sexy kitties” and you had to meow when you drank it. Meow!


Almost Sisters-in-Law (aka Bridesmaid Boys and Bridesmaid Cupcake!)

We went up and down and all around town. We went to an Irish pub, a sports bar, a “low key dance club” and a flat out regular club, and it was fantastic. As I previously mentioned, with all those free shots and drinks, I don’t have many flattering photos, so I will leave you with this one:


MOH JJ, BM Twerk and I 🙂

The next morning, I took MOH JJ and BM Twerk back to the airport, where they left me to nurse a hangover. It felt like it was over in 5 minutes, and now – there’s nothing left to do but get married!

I’m ready. 

How was your bachelorette party? Did you get VIP treatment out on the town? 




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