The One With All the Alterations

A few months ago, New York Bride & Groom called to let me know my dress had come in and I could come try it on. I’m still not showing photos of my dress just yet, but I’ll tell you a detail – it has an internal corset with an external zipper rather than the lace-up corset. They pulled the corset in and secured the fastener. I couldn’t breathe, but I looked good. Worth it. 

Then I turned to the side and saw a horrible sight. I made some sort of ungodly noise and the girl helping me said “WHAT? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THE DRESS!?”

Nothing was wrong with the dress, but I was looking at Back Fat City: Population Miss Camera. 

I explained that I did not like what amounted to a giant roll hanging off the top of my dress, and she said “they can probably let that out during alterations.” My response? “I just won’t eat carbs for 3 months.” And that was that. 

Last week was my first alterations appointment. As of that morning, I’ve lost 25 pounds and when I turned to the side, I was no longer a resident of Back Fat City. In fact, when the seamstress was measuring me, she pulled the corset in a bit and asked if it fit better. It fit MUCH better, and I asked if she had to put it on the smallest clip. Her answer?

She had to put a whole new clip in, because she needs to pull the dress in 4 inches. FOUR INCHES! 

Probably one of the proudest moments of my life. 

She also attached bra cups (no bra = score), hemmed it a solid 5 inches because I am a shawty, and showed me where the bustle would be.  (I went with the traditional American bustle, which you will see in my recaps.) Grand total = $312.56. Ouchies.

Now I’m in a strange holding pattern where I can’t gain or lose any weight for fear of more alterations (and more money!), so I’ve been eating a few more carbs. Last week I drank a beer and yesterday I had a roll. It was amazing. Like could be the best roll I’ve ever eaten in my life. It’s a frustrating balance, but I think it will be worth it! 

Anyone else have issues with losing weight and alterations? Any good low carb recipes out there? 


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