The One With the Faux Glow

To tan or not to tan – that is the age-old pre-wedding question. 

I’m pale. I used to tan easily when I was a kid, and my hair would turn white-blonde. As I grew older, I started turning more red than golden brown, and my hair stayed the same shade. Thinking back, it may have had more to do with the fact that I had obligations, studying and work in the summers instead of tag, swimming and day camp. 

For my wedding, I assumed for years I would be tan. I burn easily, even with SPF 60, so actual sun tanning is out. Same goes for the tanning beds – I don’t really want to get skin cancer just to look a little less white. That leaves spray tanning. 

You probably know what’s coming next… 

I don’t want to pull a Ross.

I’ve had one spray tan in my life. It was right after Cam and I first started dating and I wanted to look extra good at a wedding we were going to. Suffice it to say, I looked ridiculous. I took a picture on my phone while the bronzer was drying (which is now long gone or I swear I’d show it to you), and laughed out loud at it for months. 

Fast forward 3 years and I started thinking about getting another spray tan. Of course, I wanted to try it out before the big day, and started looking into appointments in town for my bridal shower/bachelorette weekend. As I was reading Yelp reviews of spray tanning salons in town, I realized something – 

I’m pale. I’ve been pale as long as Cam has known me. I’ll probably be pale forever. Why would I want to be a weird shade of tan and possibly orange on my wedding day? 

I quit my search. I’ll be my normal, pale self on my wedding. Although pale doesn’t look as good in white as tan does, I want to look like me. 

How do you all weigh in on the great spray tan debate, hive? 


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