The One Where I Dropped Glitter All Over My Floor

… alternate title: The One With A Glitter BAR Sign!

I just came off a 6 day (actually night) work stretch, and wasn’t feeling particularly crafty, but knew I needed to get something done, so I figured I would tackle the sign to put on the bar. 

I’m planning to make a chalkboard menu with our adult beverage choices and possible signature cocktail, but as many of you would agree, a glitter sign never hurt anyone!

I headed out in a monsoon (sidenote: Charlotte readers – hasn’t this summer been cray with the weather?), and ventured to one of my favorite craft stores – Joann Fabrics, to purchase B, A and R cardboard 3D letters and the biggest container of silver glitter I have ever laid eyes on. The checkout girl gave me a sly look. She knew what was up. 

I decided that in the event the glitter would fall off, I should pre-spray it with silver spray paint. 

(All Photos Personal)


When this had dried, I sprayed a light coat of this spray adhesive from 3M, as I was feeling lazy and didn’t feel like painting on glue or Modge Podge:


Then I got to work with the glitter. I dumped the better part of a whole container of silver glitter onto these bad boys, shook them off and let them dry for what I assumed was an appropriate amount of time. 

I set them up on my mantle to take a photo so you could enjoy the sparkly-ness with me:


Ooooh, so sparkly! As I was marveling at how gorgeous my handiwork was, the A fell off the mantle, resulting in what can only be called a Glitter-tastrophe. 


And you know what they say..

That’s what I get for not Modge Podging before taking photos. So I set out to cover them in Modge Podge Glossy paste, and I’ll just cross my fingers none of the letters takes a face plant off the bar.

Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy.

Anyone else having a glitter-tastrophe while wedding crafting? Anyone want to come help me pick glitter out of my fingernails?


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