The One With the Mr. and Mrs. Signs

Ugh, I’m getting sick of using Friends titles for my posts. Don’t worry guys – I’ll change it up for my recaps. Which will be happening in like 3 short months. Yowsa.

According to the countdown in my kitchen, on my phone, on my wedding website, and in my own beautiful mind, I have 47 days to go. I have about a million things left on my to-do list. Those aren’t good odds.

I finally knocked out some projects that I’d been putting off, including my favorite ones – chalkboards! Lots of bees have talked about their DIY chalkboards out of photo frames, mirrors etc., and I’m here to say.. I have nothing new to add. But I’m going to be showing you mine soon – I have them painted and ready to go, but I want to show you the finished products, with all the writing on them after we finalize the menus.

In the meantime, here’s a small(er) project I started some time ago, and finished last night. My Mr. and Mrs. signs! 


Personal Photo

I adore these. Initially, I wanted some hot pink lips for mine to match Cam’s mustache, but I like my little flowers. Here’s a quick recap of what I did:

I bought 2 cheap-o frames from Michael’s, which I spray painted silver just to fancy them up a bit. I chalkboard painted the backing (tutorial coming soon, but if you can’t wait, google DIY chalkboard). 

I knew I would be making a lot of chalkboard items for my wedding, so a few months back I looked into the best way to write, which ended up being chalk markers. Think those display boards restaurants put outside to advertise their Happy Hours. They come in all kinds of widths and colors, but I knew I wanted to be able to control it well, so I went with the extra-fine 0.5mm white markers. I bought them here from Charlie Chalk Designs, but you can buy them anywhere online. I’ve had trouble finding them in physical stores. 

The fun thing was they sent along those little chalkboard mustache decals! Cam loved it, so I knew I had to put it on his frame. 

Finally, my fabric flowers. 

All you need is fabric and a glue gun. And any embellishments you want on top. Cut the fabric into strips – the wider the strip, the taller the flower will be. Mine was about 1″. Wrap it in a spiral, and dot some hot glue every couple of wraps to keep it secure. After you have a few wraps, start twisting the fabric around itself while at the same time continuing to wrap the fabric in a spiral. It will automatically pile on itself, but make sure you dot some hot glue every now and then to keep it together. To finish it off, I dotted some glue on top and stuck on a little pearl. Because nothing says bridal like pearls and hot glue. 

Then I used my chalk markers (this one was actually a wider tip, 6mm I think) to write Mr. and Mrs. in what I like to call a modified Carolyna Pro Black. With a Miss Camera touch.

I decided later in the game to dot some hot glue on the backs of the frames and attach a ribbon to hang them on the back of our chairs at the reception so everyone knows where my chair is. 

Mr. and Mrs signs – check! Only 999,999 things to go. 

Did you make Mr. and Mrs. signs? Are you obsessed with chalkboards like I am? Do you have lots of little burns from hot glue? Don’t you feel like that is some sort of marker of the bridal sisterhood?


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