The One Where We’re Getting Married on.. God’s Day?

Long ago, way back when I was a newly engaged young thing in October 2012, we started looking at venues in Charleston, South Carolina. As many of you know/have heard, Charleston is expensive. My vendors have said that ever since Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively tied the knot at the gorgeous Boone Hall Plantation, it has skyrocketed to the top of the wedding food chain. One person even told me that after word got out about the Reynolds-Lively wedding, Boone Hall Plantation was booked solid for the next 2 years. 


Image via HoneymoonBlog

It doesn’t take a mathematician or business major to understand what came next. Supply did not equal demand, so prices rose exponentially. Just yesterday, I was talking with my caterer/decor coordinator and she said that the poor locals have been having trouble finding venues in their price ranges, because of all the “outsider demand,” (the Cameras included!) 

When looking at venues, we kept asking if our favorite date, Saturday September 21st, was available. Who doesn’t want to dance to “the twenty-first night of September” by Earth Wind and Fire!? It was booked almost everywhere, presumably for the same reasons we had, so we had to look at other dates, and we noticed a pattern: Saturdays in Charleston were expensive. I’m talking a few thousand dollars more. 

I think it was Cam’s idea:

Why don’t we get married on Labor Day Sunday?”

Hmm.. why didn’t we get married on a Sunday? Well because people don’t have weddings on Sundays. You have them on Saturdays. It’s just what you do. 

But the more he talked about it, the more I started to consider it – people with “normal jobs” (ie, people who work Monday to Friday.. also ie, not Cam or myself) would have Monday off for the holiday so it would “basically be like a Saturday,” but we have Sunday prices. I was starting to get on board with the idea.

Then someone asked if I was “okay with stealing their holiday weekend,” and I went right back to feeling like Saturday was the only way to go. It only took one look at the rates for our venue to change my mind back – $2500 less to have it the next day? Sunday it was. 

And here is how I sleep at night – Charleston is a vacation destination. There are beaches. There is shopping. There is nightlife, oh, the nightlife. So now, instead of a backyard barbecue  people can enjoy their Labor Day weekend at one of the hippest cities on the eastern seaboard. 

And they couldn’t be more thrilled, it’s all I’ve heard since sending out Save the Dates way back in December. At BM Yer Welcome’s and GM Teach’s wedding a few weeks ago, GM Teach himself, in the middle of the reception, came up to me and said how excited he was for our wedding. I had to remind him to dance with his new wife. 

What say you, hive? Anyone getting married on a non-traditional day? How about a holiday weekend? Any date twins out there? 


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