The One With the Honeymoon (Definitely!)

A while ago, I discussed that we likely would not be able to afford a honeymoon that leaves right after the wedding. This received mixed reactions, and as time went on, we made a pros and cons list. Legal pad, and all!

Here’s what we came up with:


  • Save more money for a nicer place, longer stay etc.
  • Not be rushed immediately following the wedding
  • Can go anywhere without really worrying about hurricanes
  • Something additional to look forward to after the wedding


  • Have to wait
  • Have to wait
  • Have to wait
  • But we don’t wanna wait!

As you can see, it was pretty one-sided. We put the thoughts of palm trees and pina coladas and sunscreen behind us, and trudged along with planning our wedding, all the while secretly hoping that somehow we could work it out. 

Sometime last month, I was doing my millionth wedding budget session, calculating what our total will be at the end of August when it hit me. We have a surplus of money. I think my brain exploded. I cannot save money. I have never been able to. I’m the one with holes in all my pockets where my paychecks have just burned straight through, so this was very surprising. So surprising, in fact, I checked it about 6 times before I truly believed it. 

It helps that I am working almost 150% more this month than in months past, with a lot of overtime. Cam picked up more hours at his job as well. We’ve been scrimping and saving lately, and not spending much money on anything. We’re both on low-carb diets* which helps with our dining-out costs, and we’ve both been spending so much time at work we hardly have any time to spend money anyway. 

We had a couple hiccups – we had to get passports. We had to make sure we could get the time off of work in such short notice. We had to decide where to cut money from other portions of the wedding, should we need to (I don’t think we will, but if we do, our “outdoor lounge” area will be the first to see some changes. Boo.) Check, check, and check. 

Last night, we had an internet marathon in the living room to find the perfect place to go. Some were easy to cross of the list: 

1. Cruise. Cam is totally, 100% against cruises. 


Image via CruiseCritic

I have never been on one, and wouldn’t hate the idea of trying one. In fact, I was pretty pumped about the possibility of visiting several different islands on our honeymoon, but no matter how much I tried to paint a pretty picture, Cam wasn’t having it. Aw, so sad, but moving on. 

2. Hawaii.


Image via Pacific Islands

Freakin’ gorg, right!? This was our ideal honeymoon spot, but of course it comes with its own set of cons. It’s a 12 hour flight, it’s crazy expensive and it doesn’t have any all-inclusives, which we were very interested in. Cam definitely wants to go here, and we’re talking about it for our first anniversary, or maybe fifth. We’ll see.

3. French Polynesia/Indian Ocean

This would be my personal favorite, if I had been able to afford it, slash if I were Prince William and Princess Kate. It’s a crazy-long plane ride from the east coast and it costs more than my life. Ex-nay on the Maldives. And the Seychelles. And Bora Bora. And the list goes on and on.

So, we looked a little closer to home and a little more in our price range (which by the way was somewhere in the ballpark of $3,000 for both of us with flights included) and determined that the best bang for our buck was in…


Image via Trip Advisor

The Dominican Republic!

After an exhaustive search through,, hotel websites, Priceline and anywhere else you can think of, I am proud to announce we have booked our honeymoon, leaving 2 days after our wedding. 

Sun, sand, multiple drinks in my hands, and I’m ready to go. And bonus: they have an awesome honeymoon package, for free, which includes a room upgrade, champagne, fruits, dinner on the beach, and access to VIP lounges and pools. 

Oh, and as I mentioned above, we’re on low-carb diets. I’ve lost 18 pounds so far, and hope to lose another 7-10 before my dress fittings, while Cam has lost 25 pounds! It’s been rough not eating my favorite foods, but while googling the resort, Cam found this photo:


Image via Trip Advisor

Majestic Elegance, I think you and I will get along juuuuust fine.

Basically I’m more excited about the honeymoon than the wedding. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. After the year I’ve had working, saving money and stressing about the wedding, I’m more than willing to shell out a few thousand bucks to spend a glorious 9 days in paradise. 

Anyone been to Punta Cana? I know Miss Bicycle has! Has anyone stayed at this resort, or are you planning to for your honeymoon?



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