The One With.. the Camera Invitation Reveal!

Oh hive. It’s that time. The belly bands have been glued, the envelopes have been stuffed.. and the camera wedding guests have begun receiving them in their mailboxes! You know what that means..

(please hear this in an Oprah voice)


To recap, I decided that it was a great idea to make my invitations – DIYstyle – after hunting all over the internet for a reasonably priced paper suite to portray our wedding coming up in 2 months and coming up short.

As a quick reminder, here were some of our inspirational photos, because Cam decided he wanted ‘chalkboard style’ invitations:

So without further ado.. here we go! There are lots of pieces to it, so bear with me. All photos personal.

Here’s what the Camera guests will see upon receiving their envelopes in the mail:

ImageI’ll admit this is not the best example of my “calligraphy,” but I had already sent out all my invitations and had to improvise. I hope JT doesn’t bring his wife.

Anyway, when Justin opens his envelope, here is what he’ll pull out:


Let’s take it apart piece by piece, shall we?

First up the invitation itself.

I headed to my favorite photo-editing/creating website, where I ponied up the $5 per month fee for the Premium services, which allows use of about 75% more features.

I first set out to make the invitation itself. I started with a free chalkboard background that I found online somewhere, uploaded it and changed the dimensions so it would better fit a 5×7 print size.

Then the real fun started.

It took me 2 weeks to perfect the layout of this invitation, and I was constantly going back and changing lines, moving words over millimeter by millimeter, and finally achieved the dream look said the hell with this, and saved the file.


Please excuse the weird shadow over the left lower side. I really need to get a real camera.

So, it doesn’t particularly look like a chalkboard. People have told me it reminds them of an old-timey speakeasy sign. I guess I’ll take that.

Next up was the RSVP. I debated traditional RSVP with mini-envelope vs. postcard, and ultimately the postcard was not only cheaper to construct and mail, but it seemed to match that pesky vibe we were going for.



Those are supposed to be our names

.. and back:

ImageMad Libs! Playful and entertaining. I’ll save the best responses and show you later. I noticed, after the fact of course, that I messed it up. Can you spot the mistake? Where it says  “.. and _ of years of happiness” it should have read “_ years of happiness” but hopefully nobody will notice/care/say anything.

I also really enjoy the song request at the bottom, because music is important to us and we want our guests to enjoy it as well. Hopefully they’ll be excited when they hear their requests. And hopefully they won’t write weird things.

Finally, I debated how to convey to our guests the hotel reservations, directions etc. and decided against including several other cards. Instead, I decided it was 2013 and everyone owned a computer. They can look at the website.

ImageAnother typo. Ugh. I spelled accommodations wrong. But in my defense, I had to Google it to figure out it was spelled wrong, so hopefully nobody will notice.

Once all the files were created, I submitted them to my new favorite printing site – and selected their “luxe linen finish” cardstock. I am very, very happy and satisfied with their product, and would recommend them to anyone. They sent a sample pack of envelopes and their different cardstocks, and it was exactly as advertised. I also had some issues with the size of my files being too large, and they helped work with me to make sure they printed correctly.

I ordered some burlap “ribbon” and hot-glued the ends together to make belly bands. Then I dug up my favorite baker’s twine to tie on top of the burlap, looped the information card through, and stuffed the envelopes!

ImageHere’s the whole set:

ImageAnd there you have it! The Camera invitations have been revealed. The people who have told me they received their invitations said they thought they had been professionally made, and that made me happy.

Really, I’m just glad to be done. Hopefully the RSVPs will start rolling in soon!

Did you DIY your invitations? Is it weird my wedding invitations are black?



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