The One With The Hair

My hair is mad at me. You see, I live in the south. My wedding is in the south. In the summer.

Summer + South = humidity.

Hair + Humidity = Monica Gellar.


Screen shot from Friends // Image via OhRambleHill 

Hahah… oh Monica. While your cornrows did turn out to be a treat for the eyes AND the ears, I don’t think it’s very bridal:


Gif via

So what’s a girl to do?

I have thick hair. Every stylist I’ve ever been to has commented on it. They all say it’s a good thing, and I guess it’s better than the alternative, but it is just so annoying in the morning when you need 15 minutes to blowdry your hair. I’ve taken to reading my People magazine during that time to get my fill of salacious gossip.

Once it’s dry, I spend another 10 minutes trying to straighten out the weird, uneven waves that occur. Then I douse myself in hairspray, which is probably causing all kinds of chronic lung problems, and head out into the North Carolina air where it inevitably poofs out almost immediately. A for effort.

For my wedding hair, I knew immediately that a “down” hairstyle was not an option. Initially I was a bit sad because there sure are some lovely styles for people who have the ability to wear their hair down, but I also know I would end up messing with it all night, and after 10 minutes outside it would be just as poofy as it is on a daily basis. Not super cute for wedding photos.

If I could wear my hair down, I think I’d go for one of these waterfall braid-type styles:


Image via The Posh Knot

Sigh. So gorg.

In a previous post, I mentioned that one of our “friendors” is my friend/regular stylist Caroline. She never fails to make my hair look amazing. Here’s the last time I got my hair colored and cut:


Personal Photo / No poof in site!

During this appointment, we started talking about how we were going to accomplish the following goals:

a) make my hair look amazeballsb) keep it from turning into a sweaty mess

Even Caroline suggested I not even attempt to wear it down. When she asked how I wanted to do it, I admitted I had no idea. She suggested I look on Pinterest, which I did while my highlights were developing, and pinned about 30 images. When she asked what I had pinned, I showed her. And low and behold, they all looked exactly the same.


Image via Salon Style Pins


Basically the exact same photo, thirty times over. But at least we have a direction to go in! Caroline is going to come over next month to do a hair and make-up trial so we can experiment and see how this will look on me, but I think it’s perfect. 

How did you decide how to wear your hair? Were you lucky enough to wear it down? If you had a waterfall braid, I need pictures!








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