The One With All the Make-Up

I am blessed to be a lovely combination of pale and blonde, with a generous helping of red undertones in my skin. This is especially bad in my face. I actually think I may have a bit of rosacea, but haven’t done much in the way of getting this investigated. 


Personal Photo / Some days it’s worse than others.

Naturally, on my wedding day, I don’t want to look rosy.

In the past, I’ve had my make-up “professionally” done twice – once at the Clinique counter and once at Sephora. From what I understand, neither of these places necessarily employ professional make-up artists. I hated both of those make-up jobs, and washed them both off immediately.

As mentioned multiple times, my friend Caroline will not only be a guest at my wedding, but she will be doing my hair and make-up as well. When she asked what I wanted my make-up to look like, I honestly did not know how to answer the question.

Once again, she suggested I turn to Pinterest. This proved to be a little more difficult than the hairstyles because I don’t know what will look good on my weird skin. Here’s what I do know I want:

1. I want it to look natural. It doesn’t have to be natural. I am well aware that the celebrities that have natural-looking make-up usually have just spent 2 hours in the make-up chair.


Image via

2. I want to have “glowy” skin, which I am sometimes able to accomplish with a highlighting cream. Of course, my girl Jennifer has this down pat:


Image via Diem Angie

3. I want to wear false eyelashes.. why not? When else will I be able to do that? How gorg does Mrs. Sword look with these lashes?!


Image via Mrs. Sword on WB

4. I want to look like me


Personal Photo / the Cameras at BM Hamster’s wedding last week

Here are some photos I’ve found that seem to be close to what I’m picturing:


Image via


Image via

As I mentioned previously, Caroline is going to try and work her magic on me and give me a nice spackling. She does amazing work, so I can’t wait to see what I turn into!

Anyone else with red undertones? how do you manage them? What did you do for your wedding day look?






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