The One Where I Made a Flower Hairpiece

I adore the flower clips brides often wear in their hair.


Image via Powder Blue Bijoux on Etsy

I think they are so beautiful, feminine and the essence of “bridal” without being a veil.

Initially, I had no intentions to wear a veil, but as moms do, Mama Camera insisted. I guess she’s right, when else would I ever wear a veil? More on the veil later, but the first thing I said after I agreed to wear it was that it was coming off as soon as pictures were over and I would be wearing a flower hair piece or some other sort of fascinator in its place during the reception.

Mama Camera was not so fond of Princess Beatrice’s fascinator, and I’m positive that’s what she thought I meant:


Image via


Recently, I started looking on, where else, for hairpieces, and unfortunately as with everything else wedding related, they can be a bit pricey. Once again, my crafty side came into play and I decided to DIY-it.

The general idea I had going was a big, puffy white flower with some central embellishments such as pearls, rhinestones or other beads. I fired up my hot glue gun and got to work. As I am not the first to make my own flower hairpiece, I won’t go into meticulous detail, but here’s the short version:

*My apologies – I forgot to take pictures during the first few steps of this, but it’s easy enough to do.

silk flower (mine is an ivory ranunuculus)
embellishments (pearls, rhinestones, beads, etc.)
hot glue gun
felt in a color similar to the flower
hair clip or comb

1. Disassemble the flower from the stem. You can leave the top part of the stem on if you want, just make sure to cut it close to the flower petals so it will sit flat on your head.

2. For good measure, I went through each layer of petals and applied hot glue in the center to assure for better hold. You can use a needle and thread, but I was feeling lazy. If you’re worried about it holding up, thread would be much better.

3. Cut out a circle of felt about a half inch smaller than the diameter of the flower, so it won’t show. Obviously, it doesn’t have to be a perfect circle, but if you’re a perfectionist, you can trace a can, bottle or other household object:


Personal Photo

4. Apply a generous amount of glue to the felt circle, and place on the underside of the flower. Then glue the clip or comb to the felt:


Personal Photo

5. Flip it back over and glue your embellishments! Mine actually was a broach of some sort that I found on clearance at Michael’s, but I had initially planned to glue individual beads in a cluster. Thanks Michael’s, for saving me a half an hour of crafting!


And voila! Super cheap, super easy, and one of a kind.

ImageIt’s a lot harder to take a picture of the side of your head than you’d think.

And just for good measure, here is my sash I will be wearing with my dress. I think it matches pretty well. Obviously, not perfect, but they’ll be far enough apart from each other I don’t think anyone will notice.

ImageWhat do you think, hive? Anyone else DIY their flower clip?





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