The One With the Lawn Games

Sorry for the lag in posting, I’m having some family health issues. Anyway, back on track – our wedding is turning into the most expensive backyard cookout of all time. It’s under a tent, next to a river.. but there will be no vans in site, sorry Matt Foley..


Image via

Early on we decided we did not want the hotel ballroom wedding with crystal chandeliers and uplighting in our designated wedding colors. We knew we wanted it to be more about having a good time and a fun experience, which in our circle of friends means two things: drinking, and cornhole.

Growing up and going to college in Pennsylvania, we didn’t play much of this wonderful game. When I moved to North Carolina, it was everywhere I turned:


Personal Photo


Personal Photo


Personal Photo

Yeah. It’s a big deal with my people.

In case you’re not familiar, the object is to throw a beanbag into the hole on the board opposite from where you’re standing. Three points if you make it in the hole, one point if it lands on the board. Zero points if you overthrow the beanbag and hit your fiance in the face (sorry, Cam).

So naturally, when thinking of what could make our wedding even more fun (if that was possible!), we turned to cornhole. Cam’s brother-in-law made us a set a few years back. Here’s my cat Milo modeling them on our porch:


Personal Photo


We asked him to construct us a second set, and then, in case I didn’t have enough stuff to do with a mere 2 months to go, I’m going to design and paint them. I’m at a lack of ideas for what to paint, so I turned to the masses and here are some examples of wedding cornhole boards


Image via EmmalineBride


Image via OneWed

Or who could forget Mrs. Mink’s amazing boards?


Image via WeddingBee

Ah-mah-zing, right? I don’t know if I have THAT much time/energy/patience to invest in this project, but as you can see I have a feeling it will be used, and greatly appreciated with our group of friends.

I have yet to decide on the design, but I’m partial to the mustache and lips.

File this under the yet-to-do stack, which is growing rapidly by the day, but it’s definitely towards the top. I think it’s going to fit in nicely with our crowd and is yet another element to the day that will help ensure it’s just a fun celebration of Cam and I.

Anyone else do cornhole boards? What was your design? Was it used?



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