The One Where I Disguised the Bridesmaids’ Jewelry

I am a jewelry-holic. It’s true, and it’s a problem. I especially love necklaces. The bigger, the better. Here is some photographic proof:


Personal Photo / Go Apps!


Personal Photo / the Cameras with… you guessed it …. Aziz Ansari! and Chelsea Peretti – both hilarious.

That bubble necklace in the first photo? Yeah, I have 5. In yellow, white, light blue, navy, and pink. Oops. When I wear the necklace in the second photo, I get asked if it’s because Caroline on 2 Broke Girls wears one like that? Nope. Had it before then.

A few months ago, I decided to start looking into wedding-day jewelry, but became so overwhelmed with necklace options that I had to leave it alone. Instead, I had a sudden urge to purchase all of my bridesmaids’ jewelry for the day-of. Gotta scratch that jewelry-purchasing itch! Problem was – I had no idea what I wanted them to wear. I turned to the trusty interwebs and did some searches.

Before I really started thinking about it, I had always pictured them with some sort of chunky statement necklace like these:

I looked high and low for chunky, statement-type necklaces but I ultimately decided that, as with a lot of trendy things, I’d probably regret it when I looked at my wedding photos 20 years from now.

As a reminder, this is the girls’ dress – Bill Levkoff 323:


MOH JJ modeling a little navy number / Personal Photo

I searched high and low to find jewelry to compliment this dress, and for some reason, was really turned off by all the rhinestone jewelry that seems to creep up on all the wedding jewelry sites. To keep it classic, I ultimately decided to go with “pearl” jewelry. I love my girls, but real pearls were not in budget, so I continued my marathon Google session to search for the best deal.

The winner was…….

Forever 21!

I haven’t stepped foot in Forever 21 since I was, well, 21, but they sure do have cheap prices on jewelry. So one day, I put on my best teenager face, and bravely marched into the biggest Forever 21 store I’ve ever seen.

I bypassed the teeny, tiny shorts, and swerved out of the way of the neon colored tank tops, and headed straight into the jewelry section. 10 minutes later, I was out the door with 8 pearl necklaces for $1.80 each, and 8 pairs of pearl studs for $2.80 each. The total? Just under $40. Boo. Ya

I let these purchases sit in my “wedding corner” which is rapidly taking over the guest room, for a couple months, but decided last night to do something with them. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Forever 21, it doesn’t scream “bridal party,” so I decided to disguise the sets. Unless they read this post, they’ll never know where they came from! (insert evil laugh here)

Below is a quick tutorial just in case anyone else was curious how to go about this:

I bought a pack of bright-colored “border stack” cardstock from Michael’s, which is about 2″ wide, and perfect size for jewelry cards!


Personal Photo / Supplies are ready for crafting!

I cut the cardstock about 3 1/2″ long, and folded it (gently, without creasing) in half. Then I poked the earring backs through the card and secured with the fasteners on the back. I stuck a little flower decal from the Martha Stewart brand in the upper left hand corner, and personalized them each with the bridesmaid’s names. And then I slipped the necklace in the gentle fold, and hot glued the edges together, like a jewelry card! Nothing to it.

I think this presentation looks nice, it’s personal and it sure does jazz up my otherwise super cheap jewelry.


Personal Photo

What do you think, hive? Anyone else DIY jewelry cards? Anyone else venture into the ginormous Forever 21 stores to find their jewelery?



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