The One With the Gifts for the Guys

Early on, Cam decided he wanted to get his groomsmen something a little different than your traditional attendant gift. Cam has been a groomsman in something like 10 or 11 weddings – he has collected his share of flasks with his initials, pint glasses, money clips, and even a couple “Das Boots:”


Image via ThinkGeek

He decided he wanted to do things differently and buy his 8 groomsmen something practical, different and something they’d actually like.

Turns out, that’s harder than he actually thought. He scoured the internet for ideas and came up with a few – tickets to a sporting event (expensive), putting money towards their suits (“boring” according to Cam), Sperry boat shoes (expensive AND boring).

After months of debating, he narrowed it down to something that we could actually go on:




a cooler.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – “But Miss Camera, I thought you wanted something unique and different?” Well, so did I. But Cam wants what Cam wants, and he decided that coolers were it.

Our group definitely does not shy away from the drinking, and 6 of the 8 groomsmen were fraternity brothers in college. They all routinely go back for college games, and 4 of them still have season tickets, even 8 years after they graduated college! So, a cooler is definitely practical, and (hopefully) they’ll think of the Camera wedding when they use it. If not, I’ll be there to remind them at tailgates 🙂

So, Cam decided on coolers. But what kind? The rolling kind? The handle kind? The Igloo kind? You have no idea how many coolers there are out there until you try to buy 8 of them. For under $20 each.

Initially, he liked the idea of a personalized cooler such as this:


Image via


… Unfortunately, I’ve read some not-so-great reviews of these types of coolers as they tend to be small, and not very good quality. This particular model is also a bit out of our price range at $30.

Then it dawned on me – why not get them coolers for their favorite teams? Again, 6 of our groomsmen went to college together, the other 2 are both my and Cam’s brother’s, respectively.

This morning, I placed an order with (using my Target Red Card debit card to get 5% off and free shipping – shameless plug!), for 6 of these:


Image via

… One of these for my brother:


Image via

… and one of these (booooooooooo) for Cam’s brother:


Image via

As a loyal Penn Stater, it pains me to no end to have purchased this. I shudder at the thought.

Cam was originally thinking about giving them a 12-pack of their favorite beer, but we both realized that if we give them beer, they’ll probably drink it. Not the best idea to pound a 12-pack the night before a wedding. So instead we will probably add Koozies to match their coolers and a personalized note.

What did you get your groomsmen? Anyone find any good deals on coolers I missed? Can I get a WE ARE…..?



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