The One With the Forks

I’m keeping a list.

A wish list of items that I would get for my wedding “if I had the money, but I don’t and they’re not necessities.”

They’re your usual culprits – videography, fancy shoes, trolley…

And then there’s the list-within-the-wish-list, which basically translates to my “favorites.”

One of these items has jumped out at me more than a few times, and during one of my regularly scheduled Skype sessions with my mom who lives in Pennsylvania, I mentioned it.


Image via Pretty Paris Etsy Shop

… the hand-stamped forks!

You may recall these forks from a fellow bee’s failed and then successful attempt – Miss Panda, props to you for even attempting this. I consider myself to be pretty crafty and enjoy DIY-ing it, but this was one I was not even going to think about trying.

Anyway, I showed these to my mom as a “I love all these things but can’t justify spending the money on them” example, and when i went to Pennsylvania last weekend for BM Hamster’s Bridal shower/bachelorette party, look what I found on the counter!


Personal Photo

My own set! My mom sneakily went to Etsy and found the shop Milk & Honey. I am so obsessed with these things, and I cannot wait to shove a forkful of cake into Cam’s mouth.

Anyone else love stamped silverware?


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