The One With One Hundred Days!

Where has the time gone?!

It feels like just yesterday I was relishing in the glory of being newly engaged and trying to adjust to the feeling of having a little sparkle on my left hand.


Personal Photo

I’m happy, nervous, excited, terrified and a little nauseated to report that we are officially at the 100-day mark until I become Mrs. Camera, and I feel like I have so much to do.

I’ve crossed off a significant chunk of my to-do list, and the big things are well under way – our venue is set, we have an amazing caterer with a delicious menu in store for us, our baker is planning our cupcakes, we have an officiant and of course, I have a fiancee, so technically we have a wedding! … And yet I feel like there is still so much left to accomplish.

Early on in my wedding planning, I downloaded a free app called WeddingHappy – one of the many, many wedding planning apps available for download on the App Store. You program your wedding date, and it brings up a task list with suggested finish dates.


As you can see below, I am 65% completed! So, why do I feel like that number is actually more like 10%?


Personal Photo

*I love that the app suggests I have my first dress fitting on March 24, and my dress hasn’t even come in yet. Not panicking.. definitely not panicking… okay maybe a little..

According to the app, I still have to finalize the ceremony, menu, flowers, guest list, gift registry, music and day-of-timeline, get my first, second and third dress fittings, order favors, mail invitations, color my hair, and attend my wedding. And yet, my hand-written to-do list is much, much longer.


Personal Photo

I have no doubt in my mind this list will grow as I start to think of more and more things that need to be done. The last 8 months have been filled with joy, stress and tears of happiness and frustration, and we are nearing the light at the end of the tunnel. I am at the point in my wedding planning where I can say I am officially ready for it to be here so I can just enjoy the day and stop thinking about what could have been. I’m ready to stop stressing about money. I’m ready to see all my friends and family in one place. But most importantly, I’m ready to marry my best friend. 


Personal Photo / the Cameras at a wedding last month

So there you have it! 100 days from today, I’ll be a Mrs. A wife. A ball and chain.


Personal Photo / Image via Big Day Lite app

And I’m ready for it to be here, like yesterday.

Anyone else out there just ready to be married? How were you feeling at the 100-day mark? Anyone using WedHappy?


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