The One With the Cake Topper

When we chose our cupcakes over a traditional cake, Cam was a little sad that we wouldn’t get to smash each other’s faces into oblivion with red velvet gently feed each other a piece. This led to getting the small cake on top! It’s only going to be 6″ across which is perfect for feeding each other.

The whole idea of a cupcake tower is pretty grandiose in itself – it’s going to be a 6-tier stand with 175 cupcakes on them. At the suggestion of Miss Palm Tree, my Pittsburgh pal, I’m going to put little flags in one of each flavor to identify and try to not cause any allergic reactions to the almond. Ahem, specifically for Cam.

*Side note: Cam is allergic to lots of foods, including tree nuts. Once on a Fourth of July celebration at his parents house, he and the guy relatives went out golfing while the girl relatives (and Cam’s new girlfriend.. me) stayed home to make dinner. His mom made a lovely summer salad and announced “I’m putting pine nuts in here.. is anyone allergic?” and I said “uh, Mrs. Cam’s mom? Cam’s allergic..” So I saved his life. You’re welcome, Cam.

So, back to the small 6″ cake on top. I have a hard time describing the design of this cake. My baker Michelle of Dolce Bakery says it’s starting to be quite popular and she has taken to calling it “swooshy,” so that’s what I’ll call it too. Here’s what we call swooshy, and if you have any ideas of what it’s actually called (I think it’s just the back of a spoon being lightly dragged over the frosting), please let me know:


Image via The Knot

You get the idea. It’s basically just buttercream that gets swooshed (or floofed? smushed? any number of made-up words could be applicable here) with what I assume is the back of a spoon. Super easy. But also super effective.

Because it’s going to be so plain, we definitely wanted to jazz it up with a fun cake-topper. At first I wanted to just do flowers from the florist, but then I found the Cake Toppers section on Etsy. One evening, Cam and I spent approximately 4 hours sending each other the most ridiculous cake toppers we could find on Etsy – and there are a LOT. Here are some personal favorites:


Clockwise from top left: Zombie Cake Topper from Kat Martin Etsy Shop , Drunk Cake topper from Blue Butterfly Design Etsy Shop, Family Guy cake topper from MikeG1968 Etsy Shop and Dino Love cake topper from the Air Castle Etsy Shop

Close, but no cigar! There were a lot funnier ones that I can’t think of now of course. Anyway, after searching through hundreds of cake toppers on Etsy, I found a few that I really loved and fit well with our semi-formal kinda rustic, kinda southern theme. Whatever that is.


And then, in my searching of the last Etsy Shop – At Company B – I found it! I tried to make it! I failed miserably! So, I ordered it! it came in the mail! And here’s what I saw:



Personal Photo


Personal Photo

Picture it on the sticks like the photo above with the “Just Married” banner on it. I looooove it. I think it adds just the right amount of detail to the otherwise busy cupcake tower, and keeps with our theme perfectly.

Anyone else out there having a cupcake tower with a small cake to cut? Did you use a cake topper? Anyone get the zombie topper? Please say yes.



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