The One With the Lights

When I started thinking what I wanted my wedding to look like, one thing kept jumping out when I searched for inspiration: lighting. If done right, it provides decoration and ambience – a double whammy.

Lighting companies have become quite a lucrative business for the wedding industry, and there are so many options:

1. The classic, theme-color uplighting is gorgeous in a hotel ballroom or a room with pillars. It makes the space intimate and grandiose at the same time and sure pumps up the ‘wow’ factor.


Image credit Simply Wedding Lighting / Image via Yelp

2. The drapey fabric ceiling with twinkly lights provides a lush canopy of warmth and light to make you feel like you’re dancing under stars


Image credit Harriet Rose Katz / Image via Bridal Guide

3. Candle light isn’t technically the same as these other lighting options, but can you get more intimate and romantic than a ton of candles flickering on your guests’ faces as they enjoy your wedding?


Image credit Sir Harrison Photography / Image via Project Wedding

In my mind, none of these options compare to my personal obsession …


Image via Sival Inc.

Cafe lights!

I am seriously so in love with these little lights, I centered my entire wedding around them. I don’t remember where I first saw this, probably on everyone’s favorite wedding-inspiration site – Pinterest. The weddings I saw with these string lights gently draped looked so dreamy and comfortable – like a big kid birthday party.

Lucky for me, our venue has an option in the contract to add strands of these lights. The reception is in a tent in the backyard, and we have the option to hang 3 strands of light from the house to the tent, or from the tent to the sea wall. We opted to go with three strands from the house to the tent, and it will look something like this:


What you can’t see in this photo is that the photographer is (probably) standing on the back porch, where we will be having either a bar or the cake/gift tables, so people will get plenty of use of the sidewalk canopy lights.

That was great, but wasn’t enough lights for me. We are also having additional lights inside the tent. From the above photo, you can see that there are essentially Christmas lights around the perimeter of the tent, but the ceiling of the tent is pretty bare. I have enlisted my designer/caterer to put a star-shape, like an X with a line through it, layout of the cafe lights to get the canopy feeling. We are also going to add a few paper lanterns here and there. I sent my thoughts to Lauren with Cafe Catering, and she sent me this rendition of what the tent would look like:


Personal Photo

I’m so excited about these lights, ya’ll. When I see them out at restaurants and places I get all giddy and happy on the inside. I think it’s going to provide just the right feel for our low-country semi-formal shindig.

Anyone else obsessed with these lights? Do you have a detail about your wedding that was an absolute must? 




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