The One With the Bridesmaids

As I wrote the other day, our decisive factor in choosing our wedding party was… Cam! He has so many great friends, which made it difficult for him to narrow his list down. He finally did, and we will probably also use several other guys as ushers.

Next, it was my turn to choose. I had to come up with 8 bridesmaids, which actually was quite easy. Rather than having a group of friends that shared a common thread (like Cam’s fellow fraternity founders.. say that three times fast), I have sort of a large web of friends from different places: high school, college, grad school, first job, second job, North Carolina, Pittsburgh. All over.

I decided to pull from multiple areas and came up with a group of 8 amazing ladies, that I can’t imagine my day without!

First up were my PA school friends – we had a grueling 2 years together, and formed this little group of 4 girls who became very close in a short period of time: (PS I have finally decided to use nicknames for the girls instead of initials, bear with me)

1. First up is my amazing Matron of Honor – MOH JJ! She is my best friend. We met in PA school, but it feels like a lot longer. She lives in Pittsburgh and I live in North Carolina, but we try to visit each other and talk every day. We went to St. Thomas last November for a Continuing Medical Education conference and it was an amazing (company sponsored) 4 days in the sun filled with wedding planning. She’s shy and sweet and so on top of things – she started planning my shower (which will be in August) in January!


All photos personal

2. Next we have Bridesmaid Hamster. Another PA school friend who is short, smart and super sassy. I envy her work ethic and her dedication to everything she does. She’s getting married next month and I cannot wait. In a related story, I’m flying up to PA in 2 weeks for her bachelorette party, and I REALLY cannot wait!


Personal Photo / getting ready for a friend’s wedding

3. To round out the PA school trio, we have Bridesmaid Twerk. Because she twerks. A lot. Everywhere. I met her while we were interviewing for our PA school class and we both thought we wouldn’t make it because there was another guy in our small group who had brought his laptop and a briefcase. We saw each other at orientation and laughed for about 20 minutes when we realized briefcase man was nowhere in sight. She’s the life of the party and has the kindest soul I know. I can’t wait to see her in a few weeks, she’s Bridesmaid Hamster’s MOH!


Personal Photo / Bridesmaids at MOH JJ’s wedding.. pardon the pastiness

Next, we have my North Carolina friends! If you remember my reasoning for trying online dating in the first place, the biggest goal I had was to meet people. I was in a new state where I didn’t know anyone and was starting to regret the move. I met Cam and through Cam met a ridiculous amount of people. Again, he has something like 80 fraternity brothers just from his years in college, and a very large amount of them are people who lived in the same city as us. Through those guys, I met their girls!!! Here are three of them that I spend a lot of time with:

4. Bridesmaid Yerrr Welcome (Anyone else watch Awkard? And die laughing when Sadie says you’re welcome? Uh, Bridesmaid YW and I definitely do). I’ll be a bridesmaid when she marries Groomsman A next month (and has a bachelorette party in a few weeks too.. I’m busy this month ya’ll.) She’s so sweet and kind hearted, and really welcomed me into their group. She counseled me during the early days of our relationship, and I remember many a drunken conversation that went something like this –  Me: “I don’t think he liiiiikes me.. he’s still dating other peeeeeeople.” BM YW: “HAHAHAHAHAHA Cam is not a player. Please.” I loved her for that.

Personal Photo / she got engaged 3 weeks after I did and we celebrated as Troy Polamalu and Kelly Kapowski at halloween

5. How could I forget Bridesmaid Mom? She’s just like her name – mommish. She takes care of us and keeps us in line. Except for when she gets out of line. Then everyone gets waaaaay out of line, and it’s fantastic. Just like BM YW, she really welcomed me into their group with open arms and always, always made me feel like I was included. She’ll never know how thankful I was for that.


Personal Photo / that’s BM YW on my left, and BM Mom’s husband photobombing us in the background

6. Ah, Bridesmaid FUN. Named so because she is super fun, and is ridiculously obsessed with the band FUN. Like has been for years. Like pulled the “aw man I’ve been begging people for years to go see FUN with me, and now their ticket prices are gonna go through the roof!” She’s my Charlotte go-to girl and I absolutely adore her. She’s marrying GM JT (who I should call GM Sailor from now on). GM JT did a bit of serial dating a few years ago, and forced me to befriend the girls. Unfortunately, as soon as I became friends with them, he’d break it off. When he started dating BM FUN he insisted for weeks I meet her and I refused to get to know a girl just to have her taken out of my life again. Finally, I was forced into meeting her while at an App state tailgate and look where we are now! She has the best attitude of anyone I’ve ever met, and is getting married about a month after we are. I can’t wait for her wedding. Though I could do without all the FUN I know is going to be playing.

Personal Photo / Cam and I and BM FUN and GM Sailor in Charleston in February

7. As if I could forget Cam’s sisters. I always hoped that I would luck out to have great in-laws, and man did I ever. He has two. First off is Bridesmaid Boys. I’ll just call her that because she has all boys! She’s the one who recently had fraternal twin boys, in addition to the delightful 2 year old that I get to call my nephew and ringbearer. She is the most dedicated woman I know and left her amazing teaching job that she loves to be a stay-at-home mom. She is so kind and thoughtful and never fails to disappoint at holiday gatherings!


Personal Photo / When little RB was only 8 months old!

And just for good measure.. here is a weird picture of me and Cam with the twins! (they were tired, and we didn’t have time for do-overs.. but aren’t they cute!)



personal photo / I called this twin ahead to make sure we’d match

8. And last, but certainly by no means least, is Bridesmaid Cupcake. My other future sister-in-law. She has a 3 year old daughter who will be our flowergirl! She’s so spunky and quirky, and an amazing mom. She works hard for her family and shares Cam’s and my love for music. I can’t imagine the day without her.


Personal Photo

Phew! And there you have it. My bridesmaids. I honestly cannot imagine my day without them by my side, even though there are so many. Anyone else out there have 8 or more bridesmaids? How did you choose your best gals?

Sidenote: My mom gave me a bit of a hard time when I said I wasn’t going to include a few girls that I had been bridesmaids for. There are 4 girls that I was a bridesmaid for, but unfortunately we sort of lost touch. I mean, we still connect on facebook etc., but definitely don’t talk on the phone and I haven’t seen them in over 2 years. What do you think the rule there is? Do you have to return the favor? Is it the “polite” thing to do?


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