The One With the Groomsmen

One of the first tasks we set to accomplish after Cam and I got engaged was to choose our bridal party. Even with a good 10 months to go, we needed to figure out our guys and gals quickly as it was going to be a destination wedding, and we just knew there would be more weddings coming up (spoiler alert: we were right!).

Funny story: I asked Cam to make a list of who he wanted as groomsmen, and he gave me a list with 15 names. FIFTEEN. I honestly thought that it was going to be up to me to whittle down the list so we didn’t have a crowd at the altar. As usual, Cam surprised me. I finally got him to narrow down his list to an elite 8. Ideally, I wanted 5, but that just was not an option with Cam.

You see, Cam was in a fraternity in college. Correction: he helped found a fraternity in college. As a result, he has a ton of brothers that he considers to be very good if not best friends. And they truly are – we see them often, even the out of state brothers check in with us regularly. It’s a wonderful bond they share. The tricky part is, his list of fifteen people really was a list of his best friends. Once I got him to realize that we could not have 30 people standing next to us, I think he understood and took 7 names off the list. I assumed that being typical guys, they wouldn’t be offended if they weren’t included as groomsmen. (spoiler alert #2: one of them was. he has drunkenly told me three times now that he wiiiiiishes he was paaaart of our wedddddding. we’ll probably make him an usher.)

Here are our guys! With the exception of Cam’s brother in the first photo, and my brother in the last photo, they are all fraternity brothers.


Personal Photo / from left to right GM A, Cam, Best Man J (and Cam’s brother)


Personal Photo / Cam, GM C and GM B


Personal Photo / GM R and Cam


Personal Photo/ GM JT


Personal Photo / GM N


Personal Photo / GM JM (aka my little brother)

They’re all amazing, and I love them to pieces.

Next up: the ladies! 

How did you decide on your groomsmen? Did your fiance have a tough time narrowing down his best guys, or was it you?




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