The One With the Father-Daughter Dance

The father-daughter dance. The moment where your daddy spends 2-3 minutes swaying with you to a sweet song about true, unconditional love. You are surrounded by friends and family who feel that love and often shed a few tears of joy.


Image via Project Wedding

Uh, this is not going to be my dad.

Papa Camera is one of those extra-special dads. He’s always been there for me, gotten me out of about a million jams (mostly car-related), and can always make me laugh. He’s supported me emotionally and financially through 27 years of life, and loves Cam to pieces.

Cam told me that when we were up in Pittsburgh last summer for MOH JJ’s wedding, he asked my dad permission to propose to me. Here is how he said it went:

Cam: So, uh, Papa Camera, uh… uh… uhhhhhh.. you know I love your daughter…

Papa Camera: You got it.
(hand shake.. the end)

He’s not super sentimental, he hates dessert and he spends most of his time on a boat on the Allegheny river.

Here he is pretending to be King of the World.


Personal Photo

He’s my daddy and I love him!


Personal Photo

He doesn’t let on, but I know he’s super, duper excited for this wedding. Speaking of the wedding, music playing a huge part. Cam and I are huge music geeks snobs  aficionados, and that has translated to all of our “important” songs. The father-daughter dance is no different.

Here are the top 5 most played father-daughter dance songs played at weddings:

1. Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses
2. The Temptations – My Girl
3. Nat King Cole – Unforgettable
4. Celine Dion – Because You Loved Me
5. Heartland – I Loved Her First

Too much country, too much corny, too much Celine Dion.

A little while back I asked Papa Camera to start thinking of what songs he would want to dance with. He claimed he didn’t care, but I left it up to him. I didn’t hear anything from him, so I started looking on my own, and came up with a few songs that I really loved:

1. Loudon Wainwright – Daughter (you might recognize this from the closing credits in Knocked Up)

2. Van Morrison – Days Like This (I adore all things Van Morrison)

3. Amos Lee – Sweet Pea (This seems like more of a love song than a father-daughter song, but it is so sweet)

I was having trouble deciding between all of these, when I got the update from my dad: he had picked a song all on his own. So without further adieu, we will be awkwardly swaying while I’m sure he makes me laugh hysterically for 2 minutes and 26 seconds to:

Louis Armstrong – What a Wonderful World! It’s quintessentially sweet and I’m sure will make everyone cry.

So there you have it! Unless he changes his mind, we will be dancing to a classic, that I don’t think I’ve seen at any weddings I have been to.

Did your dad pick his own song? Did you choose it? What song did you decide on?



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