The One With the Card Box

Hello everyone!

I’ve been having a pretty rough week at work, so I haven’t had a ton of time for wedding updates, but I don’t have any big news to update you on! Here’s a quick project I’ve been working on. Our card box!

I’ve been to many-a-wedding and seen many-a-card-box. They range from the mailbox:

to the birdcage:

to the stacked boxes:

For some reason, I just didn’t care for any of these. I was in Michael’s one day and saw a small wooden crate and had a brainstorming session in the woodworking aisle. You know, where you set out all your supplies trying to envision what it will look like, comparing shades of Martha Stewart paint (what is the difference between antique white and linen, anyway?) and mutter to yourself about what else you need to put together what you’re seeing in your head?

I do that on the reg, ya’ll. If I didn’t spend half of my paycheck at the craft stores, I’m sure they would be weirded out.

Anyway, I bought some paint, some twine, a sharpie paint marker, and a couple of decorative flower clips, and ouila! A few hours later I had this:


Personal Photo

I have a bunch of burlap that I bought from Joann fabrics a while back, thinking I would use it for various wedding projects, but so far this has been the only one to actually materialize into anything. I cut out 10 triangles from the burlap, stitched the top flat edges together, put the piece of twine through that and then hot-glued the triangles to each other.

I may want to change the flowers, I just threw them on there for decoration’s sake, and maybe we can attach some fresh flowers. We shall see.

PS in case you’re wondering, yes the crate is turned upside-down. Reason: Mama Camera is a little paranoid and thinks if it’s right-side-up, people will just help themselves to the card (and the assumed money inside). I think she’s being a little ridic, but to appease her, I have flipped it over and we will be nailing a piece of plywood to the bottom to catch the cards.

And there you have it! Did you DIY a cardbox? Did you use anything unique or a little different than what you’ve seen at other weddings?






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