The One With.. a Photobooth!

Hello hive!

Before Cam and I got engaged, we used to talk about our future wedding. In our minds it was the most amazing event – and probably had a pricetag of about $60,000. Which, we do not have. There were things that quickly got crossed off the list – staying in a downtown high rise hotel penthouse suite, a dress from Kleinfeld’s in New York, videography, etc.

One of these things was a photobooth.

Ahh the photobooth. I have actually only been to one wedding with a photobooth, but it was super duper fun!


Personal Photo

Many, many bloggers before me have written all about photobooths. I am certainly not the first, nor will I be last.

So, I was pretty bummed when I looked into photobooths and found that they are, on average, $500 and up. I even entertained the idea of a “fauxtobooth” for a little bit, but I didn’t want anyone to be obligated to stand next to the ipad all night and make sure nobody swiped it.

I had given up all hope of having a photobooth at all, when just yesterday, I got an emailed from Living Social titled “3-hour photobooth rental in South Carolina!” I was still hesitant, and tried to brace myself as I clicked on the email and to my surprise, here is what I found!


Personal Photo

I told Cam about this, and he went buckwild ya’ll. He was so super into it, and justified the extra cost by saying he would use his tax return to pay for it! I was very surprised. I checked their website, and that package typically goes for $795, so this is quite a steal. Cam called the Carolina Fun Booth company to make sure it was available for our date, and the owner, Christian, said if we booked it directly through him instead of Living Social, he would knock off $50, bringing it down to $319! A fraction of the actual value.

I did a happy dance around the living room. We haven’t called back to book it yet, but are planning on it!

A totally unnecessary item, but totally fun and I think it’s going to be a hit with our crowd.

Did you have a photo booth? How about a faux-to booth?




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