The One Where the Cameras Hunt for Invitations

Oh snap, ya’ll.

Although we are still 4 months away from the big day, my wedding checklist countdown app has suggested we start looking at invitations.

Invitations, for some reason, are very important to me. Like probably too important. But, at the same time, I don’t want to spend $500 on a wedding “suite” with inner envelopes, outer envelopes etc. As many bloggers before me have pointed out – most people (myself included) throw out the wedding invitations. Why should I invest a ton of time and money in them?

Because I want them to be perfect, that’s why. Another case of Bride Brain.

Sometime after our wedding “vibe” materialized, I decided I wanted our invitations to reflect that: Something kind of casual, but not “backyard bar-b-que.” Clean, but not super formal.

I searched high and low – Etsy, Wedding Paper Divas, Minted, Michael’s, etc.

There were a lot of candidates in the running, and here are a few of my faves:


Passing Notes invitation via


Barn Party invite via

I really love all of these invitations. Many of them carry a pretty hefty price tag which of course is a huge turn-off.

During our hunt, Cam randomly suggested we have “chalkboard style” invitations due to the fact that we will be having a large number of chalkboards at the wedding. Post on all the chalkboards coming later when I have lots of pictures.

We found a few options:


A Chalkboard Marriage via

I got to thinking – how hard could that be to make myself?

Verdict: Not terribly hard! The Cameras will be creating their own wedding invitations! I’m still working on the little details, but look out for a proof soon. I’m looking at places to have them printed – I’ve seen several options online like VistaPrint, etc., but I think I’d rather get it done in person so I can see a proof before it’s too late, knowwhatImean?

And just for fun – one of my first wedding purchases was this adorable return address stamp from Chatty Press shop on Etsy. How flippin cute!?

Has anyone else designed their own invitations? Did you use an online printing source or a print shop in town? Anyone else a sucker for the chalkboard theme?


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