The One With the Kids

That’s my jam, ya’ll.

So, recently Miss Bicycle had a discussion on how to word her request to have only children of immediate family members, which strikes quite a chord with me.

We are in a similar predicament – when I picture my wedding day, I certainly don’t see screaming babies, or temper tantrums in the corner. Luckily, we don’t have a ton of friends with children. We have 3 or 4 couple friends who have had a baby within the last 3 years (and one who is due any day now), but they have already told us they are making childcare arrangements for the wedding. This apparently was not to benefit me, but so that they could enjoy a kid-free evening/weekend.

We do have several children that will be present, however. I have a few cousins that are 11 and 8, and I think they can manage themselves for an evening.

Now. I’ll admit, this is a probably a poor decision on my part, and it certainly puts my temper-tantrum free vision at a high risk: we have a 4 year old flower girl, and a 2 1/2 year old ring bearer.


Cam’s sisters/Bridesmaid E & Bridesmaid C both have adorable kids. In fact, Bridesmaid E had twins on February 28! (Don’t worry, they’ve already hired a nanny for the weekend). They’re your typical 4 and 2 1/2 year old cousins – they get along, but sometimes they bicker. And of course our darling little ringbearer just entered his terrible two’s, and with 2 baby brothers to boot. I know I’m probably insane, but I just couldn’t bear to think of the day without them.


Personal Photo / they’re a little bit of a handful

Bridesmaid E likes to joke that her son looks more like me, since she has dark hair. I have grand visions of something like this:


Image via Martha Stewart


Image via WedBook

But, I unfortunately know it will probably be more like this:

I know, I know. 4 and 2 1/2!? I’m insane. But they’re family, and it’s just what you do. Plus I can’t wait to see them all dressed up – we are still working on a dress for my (almost) niece, but Bridesmaid E has purchased a FLIPPING ADORABLE blue and white pinstripe seersucker “suit” for her son. And he will be wearing a bow tie. Adorbs.

Seriously, how could I not include these two?


Personal Photo


Personal Photo

And just for fun (or nightmares) my darling little nephew found a halloween wig, and this picture will haunt my dreams forever. Chucky, anyone?

So tell me, hive, am I absolutely insane for having such young attendants? Did you have young kids as part of your wedding party? Any advice for wrangling them?




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