The One Where Nothing Suits Him Like A Suit

Friends + How I Met Your Mother, Anyone?

In case you are an avid fan of both (ahem, me), check out this buzzfeed post on their similarities.

Okay, back to wedding items.

In my last post, I mentioned the things we were crossing off the list ahead of time because we’re going to be awfully busy in the coming months. One of those things was shopping for the guys!

This was an item I left entirely up to Cam. Okay, entirely is being too generous – I told him I wanted light gray suits. But he got to pick them out and handle it all, so that’s the same, right? He was totally on board with the light gray, and started doing some research. All on his own, he decided to purchase a suit instead of rent one.

Doesn’t it stink that guys spend $200 and up on a tux/suit rental that they can’t even keep? Even the ugliest bridesmaid dress we buy is still our property to burn, trash, or “shorten it and wear again!”


Screenshot from 27 Dresses, image via TheFrisky

“Definitely, so true.”

Cam and one of his groomsman, GM C have been in cahoots for several months now determining what to wear. We’re talking emails, texts and facebook messages EVERY. DAY. with suits, ties, and shoes back and forth. WAY worse than girls.

They decided to go to the mall and investigate some possibilities. Cam has a corporate discount at Dillard’s department store, so they looked there for a few suits, but none were coming in much under $300.

About a month after we get married, a couple of our friends will be tying the knot as well – and they’re our bridesmaid and groomsman! They had a similar thought for their guys’ outfits, and Cam is in their wedding, so Cam and groomsman J got together and decided to get the same suit, thereby helping each other out. There aren’t any more overlaps in their groomsmen, but for two guys paying for weddings, it helps to save a couple hundred dollars on rentals!

Another plus of GM J is that he has a friend who is a manager at Jos. A Bank and pulled some saweeeeeet strings to give us an amazing discount. Another friendor! Or, an acquaintance-or? Either way, saves us some serious dough. I won’t get into specifics in case this somehow gets back on him, but suffice it to say we are saving well over 75% on these suits.

A few weeks ago, we ventured to the local Jos. A. Bank with the friendor, where GM J and GM C met us and perused the racks of suits. In less than 5 minutes they had picked one out after trying on the jacket. They are currently debating whether or not to add a vest and make a three-piece-suit. GM C is a huge proponent for this idea. I could not care less.


Personal Photo

Cam takes awkward photos. GM J looks a little too comfortable in front of a camera. I may have to discuss this with his fiance.

Also, I’m kinda diggin the jeans look. But alas, they want pants.

We are looking for a yellow and white striped tie, and so far this is the top contender, but I can’t decide if I like the skinny stripes. What am I talking about? This is Cam and GM C’s department!


Image via cheapneckties

They are still working on the shoes, but leaning towards Sperry’s or some other sort of similar boat shoe.

And there you have it! After they decide whether or not to add a vest, we will be ordering some light gray Jos. A Bank suits!

Did your groom wear a nontraditional outfit, or a tux? Did you rent or buy your suits?



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