The One With the Wedding Rings!

Hive, I have 5 months to go. Well, 4 months and 3 weeks. Okay 144 days. Which is a decent enough amount of time, I admit, but that’s without being super, duper busy in the next few months.


Personal Photo via Big Day Lite app for iPhone


We have four.. FOUR.. weddings between now and then. Two of which I am in for two of my lovely bridesmaids, and one of those Cam is in as well. One is out of state. Which adds up to a ton of time and money that would otherwise be going to the wedding.

Plus there’s holidays, summer stuff, parties etc. There’s a lot going on between now and becoming Mr. & Mrs.

As a result, I have tried to stay on top of things and get a lot done as early as possible. This has resulted in a few vendors telling me “Wow, you are really ahead of the game!” (which I took as code for – “girl, you crazy”) Again, we are going to be SWAMPED in the coming months.

We decided to tackle something that was not time sensitive and could be done well ahead of time – wedding rings!

A few weeks ago, on a random afternoon, we ventured out to a local “direct diamond importer” store and tried on different styles for the first time. Cam found some alternative metal bands that he liked, but with a price tag of $800 it was just too expensive for our budget. On to women’s bands – I found a few that complimented my vintagey-looking engagement ring nicely, but again were out of our price range. The salesman made comments like “If you plan on wearing it for the rest of your life, you shouldn’t mind the price!”

Um, okay. Thanks for making me feel absolutely horrendous.

We had been told that this store had the best prices in town, so we (especially me) were feeling hopeless. We turned to the internet, and I spent a few nights meticulously searching through Amazon, Etsy, and eBay for deals. They were easy to come by, but Cam just couldn’t seem to get on board with the idea of purchasing such an expensive piece of jewelry online – sight unseen.

The other day while perusing the strands of pearls and shoes in the department stores, I noticed some wedding jewelry and was told that a “huge sale” was coming up in several stores, but none of the rings seemed to quite fit my delicate little ring. It has a beading pattern on the side which I’m told looks “vintage” but has become quite hard to match with a wedding band. And come on, I have to have some bling on this finger.

I started to consider alternatives to rings – strings? cracker jacks? tattoos? sharpie marker?

Yesterday, we decided to head to the local mall and just look at the stores. They were your usual culprits – Kay, Zales, Reeds and Helzberg. We worked our way through them and Cam found some nice Cobalt rings by designer Scott Kay that he really liked. I actually found several bands that looked nice with my ring, but they were a little too pricey and something was just not quite right.


Milgrain Diamond Anniversary Band via Reeds Jewelers

Bonus: At every store we went to, they cleaned my engagement ring. By the fourth, it looked even better than when Cam first gave it to me!

We were running out of time as Cam had to get to work, so we decided to hit up Zale’s as a quick last resort, tell them exactly what we were looking for and if they didn’t have it, leave as soon as we had come in.

Walking into the store I said to Cam, “Watch, this will be the store that has the exact ring.”

Oh, of course it did!

A lovely woman named Debbie helped us in a matter of 5 minutes. She pointed out three white gold bands with a milgrain pattern and bead-setting stones that were 1/10 ct., 1/4 ct., and 1/2 ct. Their prices matched their carat weights, as suspected, so I teetered between the 1/10 ct and the 1/4 ct., until finally Cam said “Get the bigger one – it sparkles more.”

YEAH IT DOES. I said, “Cam, let this be a life lesson for you – bigger diamonds are ALWAYS better.” Debbie liked that and nodded enthusiastically in agreement.

They spiffed it up, sent it off for resizing, and in 3 weeks I will be the proud owner of a ring that will sit in my drawer until September! But it’s something significant that we have crossed off our to-do list, and it looks boooootiful 🙂 I really thought I would never find something that matched my ring, but you can see below – it looks like they were made for each other!


Personal Photo // LOOK AT THE SHINY!

Not to be outdone, Cam decided to try on a few rings at Zale’s as well, and ultimately purchased his today too! He wavered between tungsten, titanium and cobalt, and ended up going with a sturdy Cobalt band with a brushed stripe in the middle and a shiny outer border. It was about 3 sizes too small, but he insisted on a photo with it pushed down as far as it could go to “get the feel.” Never mind that it looks as though his ring finger is going to rot and fall off and any moment. This picture is hilarious to me. That finger is at least 4 shades darker than the others.


Personal Photo

So, there you have it! My ring saga had an end, and it was super sparkly, and timeless, and I learned that Cam will forever buy me giant diamonds!

Did you have trouble finding wedding bands? Did you buy from a jeweler or have an heirloom? Did you buy online?


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