The One With All the Mason Jars (Bless My Heart!)

True Life: I Am Addicted to Mason Jars.

This is ironic because for the first 23 years of my life, I was self proclaimed anti-everything-that-could-be-considered-“southern.” When I was looking for jobs, I thought for sure I would end up in a major metropolitan city and applied at jobs in LA, NYC and Boston.


Hello, North Carolina!

I was convinced I would move home within a year but wanted to give it the old college try. Enter: If you recall, I met Cam at a bar one Sunday night about a month after I moved south of the Mason-Dixon line. As a result, I have now lived in Dixieland for almost 4 years.

The weather is amazing, the people are friendly, and I even subconsciously slip a “ya’ll” into conversation every now and then.

When we started forming an idea about what our wedding would look like, there was one thing I had to have: mason jars. Until 4 years ago, I would have hated those things. I hadn’t even really seen them around in every day life. Maybe here and there if someone was canning.


Ball Mason Jar // Image via NY Times

Nothing special right? Just a glass jar with some random design and the brand name on the sides. Oh, so wrong.

Thanks again in large part to Pinterest, I started to see them in a new light. Look at all the things you can do with mason jars!!!

Bless My Heart, I’m a convert, ya’ll!

I never knew mason jars could be anything except canning jars. And maybe a receptacle to drink beer out of in a dive bar. But OH! The possibilities are endless!

I still find it hilarious that Cam and I are the two “yankees” in our friend group – and we hear it on a regular basis, but this wedding is going to be full of mason jars, big fluffy flowers, and S’Mores, in the mecca of all southern locations.

So far, I have incorporated the mason jars in several places, you may recall them from prior posts:

1. Our Save the Dates

I really debated whether or not to send out a photo-STD, as I think they’re adorable, but they’re also kind of the “norm” now. Nothing wrong with that, but one day while browsing online, I saw some inspirational photos that suddenly sparked an idea in my head. I designed this image myself using (very similar to the now obsolete Picnik if you recall). I found a mason jar clipart online, and uploaded it. I spent a few hours fiddling with the fonts and wording, and after it was Cam approved, I had this:


personal photo

Then, I printed out the date on kraft scrapbook paper, punched it out with a punch from Michael’s, stuck a magnet on the back, and tied it with some twine. Super rustic, right?


personal photo

Obvs, this is on our fridge, lest we forget our wedding date! I like this because it’s a good jumping off point for our guests to

2. Ceremony & Reception Decor

If you recall from my Pinterest inspiration post, I have a vision of large, quart size mason jars filled with puffy flowers that look as though they were just picked from a garden an hour before. Our florist, who we have yet to meet with, is going to work with us to perfect this look, but has mentioned to me that she has these size jars for us to use! This is perfect so we don’t have to buy them – they can get ‘spensive, ya’ll! Here are a couple inspiration photos:

Ceremony –


Images via: Bleu de Toi, One Wed, and The Knot

Reception –

I cannot wait to meet with her in person and see what she comes up with given these inspiration photos!

3. Mason Jar “escort cards”

Coming up soon, we’ll discuss our seating arrangements, but for the time being, understand we do not have assigned seating. As a result, I don’t technically need escort cards. But I wannnnnnnted them! So I came up with this solution, themed and practical and personalized! Poifect.


personal photo

First, I ordered 12 dozen (that’s 144 for you non-math majors) plain, pint size jars from Fillmore Container. I researched tons and tons of sites including Walmart and Target and Amazon, and Fillmore Container was BY FAR the best deal – $4.97 for a case of 12 plain pint size jars!? Shipping was costly, but again, Fillmore Container was the cheapest option at only $55 for 12 cases. I felt so bad for the UPS man. Grand total: $113.64! 


personal photo

Next, I purchased a roll of contact chalkboard vinyl from for $10 with shipping, as well as a decorative punch from Joann Fabrics which was somewhere around $10 during a sale with a coupon (thanks Joann iphone app!) I painstakingly apply these, as straight as I can (which is harder than it sounds with those brackets that I just haaaaad to have). 


personal photo

Finally, I purchased some fine tip chalk bistro markers from Amazon, somewhere around $10 for 3 of them. I’m waiting for our RSVP’s to come in to put the names on, and this was a horrible first attempt, but just to give you the idea. No seating assignment, but I think it’s super fun to have names on them, plus it helps to keep your drink separate from other guests’.

And that’s all I have for now! I don’t want to be mason jar overload, but I want them to definitely have a presence. I think this does a good job of accomplishing that, and I think it is going to fit my wedding vision absolutely perfectly! And if people don’t like it, well bless their hearts 🙂


Image via Someecards





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